Source code for weaver.processes.wps_testing

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING

from import Process
from pywps.inout import LiteralInput, LiteralOutput

from weaver.processes.constants import IO_INPUT, IO_OUTPUT
from weaver.processes.convert import json2wps_field, json2wps_io
from weaver.processes.types import ProcessType

    from typing import List, Optional

    from weaver.processes.wps_package import ANY_IO_Type

# FIXME: transform into official test EchoProcess (
[docs] class WpsTestProcess(Process): """ Test WPS process definition that simply returns its input string as output. """
[docs] type = ProcessType.TEST # allows to map WPS class
def __init__(self, inputs=None, outputs=None, **kw): # type: (Optional[List[ANY_IO_Type]], Optional[List[ANY_IO_Type]], **str) -> None """ Initialize the test process with minimal definition requirements. If no inputs/outputs are provided, a default literal string is applied for both. Otherwise, ``test_input`` and ``test_output`` of the desired type and format should be explicitly provided to allow successful execution. Other I/O can be specified, but they will be ignored. """ # remove duplicates/unsupported keywords title = kw.pop("title", kw.get("identifier")) version = kw.pop("version", "0.0.0") kw.pop("payload", None) kw.pop("package", None) if inputs is None: inputs = [LiteralInput("test_input", "Input Request", data_type="string")] if outputs is None: outputs = [LiteralOutput("test_output", "Output response", data_type="string")] inputs = [json2wps_io(i, IO_INPUT) if isinstance(i, dict) else i for i in inputs] outputs = [json2wps_io(o, IO_OUTPUT) if isinstance(o, dict) else o for o in outputs] metadata = [json2wps_field(meta_kw, "metadata") for meta_kw in kw.pop("metadata", [])] super(WpsTestProcess, self).__init__( self._handler, title=title, version=version, inputs=inputs, outputs=outputs, metadata=metadata, store_supported=True, status_supported=True, **kw )
[docs] def _handler(self, request, response): response.update_status(f"WPS Test Output from process {self.identifier}...", 0) response.outputs["test_output"].data = request.inputs["test_input"][0].data return response