Module Contents

class weaver.wps.storage.ReferenceStatusLocationStorage(url_location: str, settings: weaver.typedefs.SettingsType)[source]

Simple storage that simply redirects to a pre-existing status location.

url(*_, **__)[source]

URL location of the XML status file.

location(*_, **__)[source]

Directory location of the XML status file.

store(*_, **__)[source]

output – of type IOHandler


(type, store, url) where type - is type of STORE_TYPE - number store - string describing storage - file name, database connection url - url, where the data can be downloaded

write(*_, **__)[source]
  • data – data to write to storage

  • destination – identifies the destination to write to storage generally a file name which can be interpreted by the implemented Storage class in a manner of its choosing

  • data_format – Optional parameter of type pywps.inout.formats.FORMAT describing the format of the data to write.


url where the data can be downloaded