Unreleased (latest)


  • No change.


  • No change.

5.6.1 (2024-06-14)


  • No change.


  • Fix invalid default attribute resolution of an optional WPS ComplexData (i.e.: minOccurs: 0) that also provides a Default/Format in the XML process description. When that input was omitted (as permitted) from the execution request, parsing of the XML would incorrectly inject the JSON representation of the Default/Format as a substitute for the default value. See weaver.processes.convert.ows2json_io implementation for details.

5.6.0 (2024-06-11)


  • Increase default pywps configuration values using new settings weaver.wps_max_request_size = 30MB and weaver.wps_max_single_input_size = 3GB. Defaults are selected to allow larger files that are more in line with common occurrences when dealing with Earth Observation data.


  • Fix resolution of null value explicitly provided or implicitly resolved by CWL between Workflow steps and the Process execution context transfer between OGC API - Processes and WPS, in the case of ComplexData and BoundingBoxData structures. Inputs will now be omitted from execution request to obtain the intended behavior instead of submitting empty data structures, leading to inconsistent parsing results and behaviors.

  • Fix resolution of the CWL outputBinding.glob for staging the output by ID within a Workflow that uses recurring Process references across steps. To disambiguate between common output ID between steps, CWL uses the step ID as prefix to the output long-name. This caused a mismatch with the output collection strategy for staging the Job result, as the expected directory location does not contain the nested step ID.

5.5.0 (2024-06-06)


  • Add support of multiple-value array outputs to allow CWL Application Package that can make use of such definitions (fixes #25).

  • Add weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.AnyType and weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.NoneType with their corresponding JSON/OpenAPI schema converters to allow the definition of null and {} type definitions.


  • Fix weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.ExtendedSequenceSchema not allowing other item types than a mapping.

5.4.2 (2024-06-05)


  • Add POST /processes/{processId}/execution as fallback endpoint for POST /processes/{processId}/jobs to submit the Job execution within a CWL Workflow using a remote OGC API - Processes step to accommodate for varying versions of the standard and implementations.

  • Add error status update of the response from a failed step Job request to allow investigating the cause from logs.


  • Fix Cookie header not propagated to every underlying CWL Workflow step causing authorization failure midway during an authorized Process execution.

5.4.1 (2024-06-03)


  • No change.


  • Fix Process ID resolution from CWL Workflow step package from long-form URL reference included as fragment.

5.4.0 (2024-05-27)


  • Use requests.auth.AuthBase type for auth parameter of weaver.cli.WeaverClient methods to allow any requests compatible package to use their own implementation of the authentication mechanism without explicitly deriving from weaver.cli.AuthHandler (fixes #628).

  • Add CWL MultipleInputFeatureRequirement support.

  • Add CWL SubworkflowFeatureRequirement support.

  • Add CWL Workflow explicit schema validation of its steps.

  • Remove “unknown” definitions in CWL requirements. Only fully defined and resolved definitions will be allowed. If an unsupported CWL requirement by Weaver must be provided (but is a valid definition supported by cwltool), it must now be provided through hints to succeed schema validation.

  • Improve support of CWL output definition using loadContents to an outputBinding.glob reference to load the File contents into a string output.

  • Improve support of CWL JavaScript expressions within intermediate steps of a Workflow to collect output results from relevant sources with better data manipulation flexibility.

  • Modify signature of weaver.processes.wps_process_base.WpsProcessInterface to allow better reuse of the common operations shared by derived CWL Workflow steps implemented by ESGFProcess, Wps1Process, Wps3Process and OGCAPIRemoteProcessBase.

  • Refactor ESGFProcess to use the common operations of CWL Workflow steps defined by WpsProcessInterface.


  • Fix pywps.inout.basic.BasicComplex using default emptyvalidator when the expected output format does not provide an explicit implementation, leading to failure of the Job due to MODE.SIMPLE validation level being set. A basic validator will instead be set to check that the expected file extension minimally matches the expected type.

  • Fix CLI incorrectly parsing inputs when provided directly as OGC style mapping with href.

  • Fix invalid CWL schema definition for ScatterFeatureRequirement that directly contained the corresponding fields scatter and scatterMethod, instead of the expected definition within a Workflow Step.

  • Fix CWL requirements schema definition using OneOf and the discriminator property that could sometime drop a definition when it only contained an empty mapping {}, and that the corresponding requirement allows it.

  • Fix weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.AnyOfKeywordSchema not allowing distinct JSON structure type to be combined simultaneously.

  • Fix CWL Workflow not retrieving output results when returned directly as literal data from a remote Process.

  • Fix CWL Workflow potentially failing tool resolution for a local step Process if hints where omitted.

  • Fix CWL Workflow resolution of step requirements from one of the Weaver application types (i.e.: builtin, docker, ESGF-CWT, OGCAPI, WPS1) due to cwltool namespace adding a prefixed URI.

  • Pin requests>=2.32 and docker>=7.1 (Python Package) to address CVE-2024-35195 to avoid inconsistent verify option over multiple requests when using a session (relates to psf/requests#6710 and docker/docker-py#3257).

5.3.0 (2024-05-13)


  • Add CWL cwltool:Secrets support (fixes #511).

  • Add CWL StepInputExpressionRequirement support.


  • Pin json2xml==4.1.0 to fix major release breaking older Python typings without any actual change to functionality.

5.2.0 (2024-05-08)


  • Add multiple missing OGC API - Processes conformance references.

  • Modify default query parameter value links=true for /processes summary listing to conform with conformance class /conf/core/process-summary-links as default behavior (relates to opengeospatial/ogcapi-processes#406, fixes crim-ca/weaver#622).


  • Adjust weaver.utils.get_caller_name to better handle decorated functions, and apply more precise warning messages to hunt down places were weaver.utils.get_request_options might still be causing inconsistent HTTP requests due to missing request options for certain use cases.

  • Fix passing down of application settings for WPS requests of Provider/Service operations potentially making use of request options, which could not obtain the relevant configuration.

  • Fix CLI failing to resolve a CWL Workflow step local reference to a Process using run: {process}.cwl definition due to the local CLI context not having the same URL resolution as the remote Weaver server (fixes #630).

  • Fix CWL JSON schema reference pointing at older 1.2.1_proposed branch in favor of v1.2.1 tag (relates to common-workflow-language/cwl-v1.2#278).

  • Pin gunicorn>=22 to address CVE-2024-1135.

  • Pin werkzeug>=3.0.3,<3.1 to address CVE-2024-34069.

5.1.1 (2024-03-19)


  • No change.


  • Use typing_extensions.Unpack to correctly represent expected types for respective request-options keywords parameters.

  • Fix linkcheck failing due to inconsistent HTTP responses (relates to sphinx-doc/sphinx#12030).

5.1.0 (2024-03-19)


  • Add weaver.wps_client_headers_filter setting that allows filtering of specific WPS request headers from the incoming request to be passed down to the WPS client employed to interact with the WPS provider (fixes #600).

  • Add token optional argument to the weaver.cli.RequestAuthHandler class. If specified, the handler will use this token instead of making an authentication request to obtain the token.


  • Fix moto>=5 used in tests to mock AWS S3 operations that replaced mock_s3 context manager by mock_aws.

5.0.0 (2023-12-12)


  • Add weaver.formats.ContentEncoding with handlers for common encoding manipulation from input values.

  • Add EchoProcess to the list of weaver.processes.builtin definitions with its CWL representation and complementary OGC API - Processes reference implementation details. This Process will be automatically deployed at API startup, and is employed to validate multiple parsing combinations of execution I/O values and encodings (fixes #379).

  • Add support of OGC BoundingBox definition (bbox and crs fields) as Process execution input value with appropriate schema validation (fixes #51).

  • Add support of Unit of Measure (UoM) definition (measurement and uom fields) as Process execution input value with appropriate schema validation (fixes #430).

  • Add create_metalink utility function to facilitate generation of a .meta4 or .metalink file definition from a list of file link references (relates to #25).


  • Fix weaver.wps_restapi.swagger_definitions.ExecuteInputValues deserialization that sometimes silently dropped invalid JSON-formatted inputs that did not fulfill schema validation. This was caused by a side effect regarding how weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.VariableSchemaNode handled “unknown” JSON properties from submitted content. In cases where required Process inputs were causing the invalid schema, Job execution would be aborted and the error would be reported due to “missing” inputs. However, if the JSON failing schema validation happened to be nested under an optional input definition, the Job execution could have resumed silently by omitting this input’s value propagation to the downstream CWL, WPS or OGC API - Processes implementation, which could make it use an alternative default value than the real input that was submitted for the Job.

  • Fix schema name representation employed in generated colander.Invalid error when a schema validation failed, in order to better represent deeply nested schema using multiple oneOf, anyOf, allOf schema nodes. Using colander.Invalid.asdict, each dictionary key now properly indicates the specific path of sub-nodes with their relevant schema validation error.

  • Fix variable schema node names to provide a {SchemaName}<{VariableName}> representation, such that it can be more easily identified. Schema nodes with a variable (i.e.: schema under additionalProperties) previously only indicated {VariableName}, which made it complicated to follow reference schema classes that formed the error path. Each of the evaluated fields against each possible variable schema will now report their corresponding nested schema validation error as {SchemaName}<{VariableName}>({field}) such that results can be understood.

  • Fix execution input reference (i.e.: using href) dropping a schema URL reference if provided explicitly. This parameter now remains within the produced content passed to the Job, and forwarded to a remote Process if applicable, but no further schema validation is accomplished with the value in schema for the moment.

  • Fix ContentType.IMAGE_OGC_GEOTIFF using invalid media-type name (missing i in image).

  • Fix Job input validation stripping additional parameters from provided Media-Type, potentially causing mismatching Content-Type validation against the corresponding Process description inputs. Types should now match exactly the original Process definition, including any additional parameters and sub-types.

  • Fix resolution of anyOf schema raising colander.Invalid even when the property was marked as optional using missing=colander.drop.

  • Fix $schema of OGC nameReferenceType being reported under every dataType of literalDataDomains for literal I/O of Process descriptions. The reference is not only included in the OpenAPI definition as intended.

  • Fix override of CWL stderr and stdout definitions if specified by the original Application Package for its own implementation. These stream handles are added to the CWL by Weaver to provide more contextual debugging and traceability details of the internal application executed by the Process. However, a package making use of this functionality of CWL to capture an output file would be broken unless naming the file exactly as stderr.log and stdout.log. Weaver will now employ the parameters provided by the Application Package if specified.

4.38.0 (2023-11-24)



  • No change.

4.37.0 (2023-11-22)


  • No change.


  • Fix default XML format resolution for WPS endpoint when no Accept header or format/f query parameter is provided and that the request is submitted from a Web Browser, which involves additional control logic to select the applicable Content-Type for the response.

  • Fix pre-forked celery worker process inconsistently resolving the pyramid registry applied by pyramid_celery after worker restart.

4.36.0 (2023-11-06)


  • Drop Python 3.7 support.

  • Add Python 3.12 to GitHub CI experimental builds.

  • Bump werkzeug>=3.0.1 to resolve security vulnerability from the package.


  • No change.

4.35.0 (2023-11-03)


  • Add more secure path validations steps before fetching contents.

  • Disallow builtin processes expecting a user-provided input path to run with local file references such that they must respect any configured server-side remote file access rules instead of bypassing security validations through resolved local paths.

  • Add multiple validation checks for more secure file paths handling when retrieving contents from remote locations.

  • Add more tests to validate core code paths of builtin Process jsonarray2netcdf, metalink2netcdf and file_index_selector with validation of happy path and error handling conditions.


  • Fix invalid parsing of XML Metalink files in metalink2netcdf. Metalink V3 and V4 will now properly consider the namespace and specific content structure to extract the NetCDF URL reference, and the Process will validate that the extracted reference respects the NetCDF extension.

4.34.0 (2023-10-16)


  • Add alternate references, as Link header and within the JSON content links property when applicable, in the returned Process description response to refer between the XML and the corresponding JSON representations.

  • Support alternative representations from OGC API - Processes schemas for executionUnit definition during Process deployment. The unit does not need to be nested under unit or a list anymore, and can instead be directly provided as JSON mapping. For backward compatibility, the previous list representation is still allowed (fixes #507).

  • Support an additional type property along a unit item describing an executionUnit to specify an IANA Media-Type that categories the unit contents, similarly to how it could be provided for its href counterpart. For the moment, only CWL-based unit are supported, but this could allow future extensions to provide alternate representations of an Application Package.

  • Add schema validation and reference to the API landing page, with additional parameters to respect OGC schema.

  • Add multiple JSON schema references for schema classes that are represented by corresponding OGC definitions.

  • Add Job subscribers support to define OGC-compliant callback URLs where HTTP(S) requests will be sent upon reaching certain Job status milestones (resolves #230).

  • Add email notification support to the new subscribers definition (extension over OGC minimal requirements).

  • Deprecate Job notification_email in the OpenAPI specification in favor of subscribers, but preserve parsing of its value if provided in the JSON body during Job submission for backward compatibility support of existing servers. The Job.notification_email attribute is removed to avoid duplicate references.

  • Add notification email for Job started status, only available through the subscribers property.

  • Add CLI and WeaverClient options to support subscribers specification for submitted Job execution.

  • Add {PROCESS_ID}/{STATUS}.mako template detection under the weaver.wps_email_notify_template_dir location to allow per-Process and per-Job status email customization.

  • Refactor weaver/ and weaver/processes/ to avoid mixed references to the encryption/decryption logic employed for notification emails. All notifications including emails and callback requests are now completely handled and contained in the weaver/ module.

  • Remove partially duplicate Mako Template definition as hardcoded string and separate file for email notification.


  • Fix inconsistent or missing schema references to updated OGC schema locations, and align their based URL locations for corresponding /conformance endpoint reporting.

  • Fix auto-insertion of $schema and $id URI references into JSON schema and their data content representation. When in OpenAPI context, schemas now correctly report their $id as the reference schema they represent (usually from external OGC schema references), and $schema as the JSON meta-schema. When representing JSON data contents validated against a JSON schema, the $schema property is used instead to refer to that schema. All auto-insertions of these references can be enabled or disabled with options depending on what is more sensible for presenting results from various API responses.

  • Fix weaver.cli logger not properly configured when executed from CLI causing log messages to not be reported.

4.33.0 (2023-10-06)


  • Add utility methods for Job to easily retrieve its various URLs.

  • Add weaver.wps_email_notify_timeout setting (default 10s) to avoid SMTP server deadlock on failing connection.

  • Modify the encrypt_email function to use an alternate strategy allowing decrypt_email on Job completed.

  • Remove notification_email from GET /jobs query parameters. Due to the nature of the encryption strategy, this cannot be supported anymore.

  • Add CLI execute options --output-public/-oP and --output-context/-oC OUTPUT_CONTEXT that add the specified X-WPS-Output-Context header to request the relevant output storage location of Job results.


  • Fix Job submitted with a notification_email not reversible from its encrypted value to retrieve the original email on Job completion to send the notification (fixes #568).

  • Fix example Mako Template for email notification using an unavailable property ${logs}. Instead, the new utility methods job.[...]_url should be used to retrieve relevant locations.

4.32.0 (2023-09-25)


  • Add GET /providers/{provider_id}/processes/{process_id}/package endpoint that allows retrieval of the CWL Application Package definition generated for the specific Provider’s Process definition.

  • Add CLI package operation to request the remote Provider or local Process CWL Application Package.

  • Add CLI output reporting of performed HTTP requests details when using the --debug/-d option.

  • Modify default behavior of visibility field (under processDescription or processDescription.process) to employ the expected functionality by native OGC API - Processes clients that do not support this option (i.e.: public by default), and to align resolution strategy with deployments by direct CWL payload which do not include this feature either. A Process deployment that desires to employ this feature (visibility: private) will have to provide the value explicitly, or update the deployed Process definition afterwards with the relevant PUT request. Since public will now be used by default, the CLI will not automatically inject the value in the payload anymore when omitted.

  • Remove attribute WpsProcessInterface.stage_output_id_nested and enforce the behavior of nesting output by ID under corresponding directories for all remote Process execution when resolving CWL Workflow steps. This ensures a more consistent file and directory resolution between steps of different nature (CWL, WPS, OGC based) using multiple combinations of glob patterns and expected media-types.


  • Fix missing Node.js requirement in built Docker image in order to evaluate definitions that employ CWL InlineJavascriptRequirement, such as valueFrom employed for numeric Enum input type validation.

  • Fix processes.wps_package.WpsPackage.make_inputs unable to parse multi-type CWL definitions due parsing as single-type element with parse_cwl_array_type. Function get_cwl_io_type is used instead to resolve any CWL type combination properly.

  • Fix get_cwl_io_type function that would modify the I/O definition passed as argument, which could lead to failing CWL class reference resolutions later on due to different type with org.w3id.cwl.cwl prefix simplified before cwltool had the chance to resolve them.

  • Fix links listing duplicated in response from Process deployment. Links will only be listed within the returned processSummary to respect the OGC API - Processes schema.

  • Fix CLI not removing embedded links in processSummary from deploy operation response when -nL/--no-links option is specified.

  • Fix CWL definitions combining nested enum types as ["null", <enum>, {type: array, items: <enum>] without an explicit name or SchemaDefRequirement causing failing schema_salad resolution under cwltool. A patch is applied for the moment to inject a temporary name to let the CWL engine succeed schema validation (relates to common-workflow-language/cwltool#1908).

4.31.0 (2023-09-14)


  • Add the official CWL JSON schema reference (common-workflow-language/cwl-v1.2#256) as $schema parameter returned in under the OpenAPI schema for the CWL component employed by Weaver (fixes #547).

  • Add $schema field auto-insertion into the generated OpenAPI schema definition by CorniceSwagger when corresponding colander.SchemaNode definitions contain a _schema = "<URL>" attribute (fixes #157).

  • Drop Python 3.6 support.


  • Fix broken OpenAPI schema link references to OGC API - Processes repository.

  • Fix GET /providers/{provider_id} response using $schema instead of $id to provide its content schema.

  • Fix Job creation failing when submitting an empty string as input for a Process that allows it due to schema validation incorrectly preventing it.

  • Fix human-readable JSON-like content cleanup to preserve sequences of quotes corresponding to valid empty strings.

  • Fix WPS I/O integer literal data conversion to OpenAPI I/O schema definition injecting an invalid format: double property due to type checking with float succeeding against int values.

  • Fix CWL I/O value validation for enum-like definitions from corresponding OpenAPI and WPS I/O. Since CWL I/O do not allow Enum type for values other than basic string type, valueFrom attribute is used to handle int, float and bool types, using an embedded JavaScript validation against allowed values. Because of this validation strategy, CWL packages must now include InlineJavascriptRequirement when allowed values for these basic types must be performed in order for the CWL engine to parse I/O contents of valueFrom (relates to cwl-v1.2#267, common-workflow-language#764 and common-workflow-language#907).

  • Fix typing definitions for certain Literal references for proper resolution involving values stored in constants.

  • Fix get_sane_name checks performed on Process ID and Service name to use min_len=1 in order to allow valid WPS process definition on existing servers to resolve references that are shorter than the previous default of 3 characters.

4.30.1 (2023-07-07)


  • No change.


4.30.0 (2023-03-24)


  • Add weaver.quotation = true|false setting that allows control over the activation of all endpoints and operations related to the OGC API - Processes Billing and Quotation extensions.

  • Add support to configure a quotation estimation algorithm for each respective Process with new requests using GET, PUT, DELETE methods on /processes/{processID}/estimator endpoint. The configured algorithm is provided by a reference Docker image defined by weaver.quotation_docker_[...] settings. The algorithm itself expects a highly customizable configuration to estimate quotation parameters based on conceptual categories, as defined by the Quote Estimator Configuration schema optionally using versatile ONNX definitions. The Docker operation should return a JSON matching the Quote Estimation Result schema, which is parsed and included in the produced Quote based on provided Process execution parameters.

  • Add Process execution I/O pre-validation against the Process description before submitting the Job to avoid unnecessary allocation of computing resources for erroneous cases that can easily be detected in advance.

  • Add $schema references to source OGC API - Processes or other schema registries for applicable content definitions in responses.

  • Add missing OGC API - Processes schema references with published definitions under when applicable.

  • Add links request query parameter to /processes and /providers/{providerID}/processes listing to provide control over reporting of links for each Process summary item. By default, link=true and automatically disable it when detail=false is specified.

  • Add missing 405 response schema for all OpenAPI endpoints as handled by the API when the requested HTTP method is not applicable for the given path.

  • Renamed weaver.quote_sync_max_wait to weaver.quotation_sync_max_wait to better align with new configuration settings for the Quotation extension. Old value will still be checked for backward compatibility.

  • Renamed weaver.exec_sync_max_wait to weaver.execute_sync_max_wait to better align with the corresponding parameter for quotation. Old value will still be checked for backward compatibility.

  • Add Lazify utility class for holding a string with delayed computation and caching that returns its representation on-demand during formatting or other string operations to reduce the impact of its long generation. This can be used with a callable returning a string representation that can be discarded without invocation on inactive logging levels.

  • Add count field to JSON output of endpoints that support paging to provide the number of items returned within the paged result. Adjust the /quotations endpoint that was using it instead of total like it was done on other listing endpoints.

  • Add detail query parameter for the /quotations endpoint to allow listing of Quote summary details instead of only IDs by default, similarly to the /jobs endpoint.


  • Fix schema meta fields (title, summary, description, etc.) not being rendered in OpenAPI output for keyword schemas (allOf, anyOf, oneOf, not).

  • Fix schema definitions not being rendered in OpenAPI into the requested order by _sort_first and _sort_after control attributes.

  • Fix request cache always invalidated when no explicit allowed_codes where provided in request_extra, although the request succeeded, causing caching optimization to never actually be used on following requests in this case.

  • Fix cached requests misbehaving when combined with stream=True argument due to contents not being stored in the object for following requests, causing them to raise StreamConsumedError when calling the chunk iterator again.

  • Fix execution payloads for functional tests using WorkflowRESTScatterCopyNetCDF, WorkflowRESTSelectCopyNetCDF, WorkflowWPS1ScatterCopyNetCDF and``WorkflowWPS1SelectCopyNetCDF`` processes, which requested invalid output identifiers. Those erroneous definitions were detected using the new Process execution I/O pre-validation against the corresponding Process descriptions on Job submission.

4.29.0 (2023-03-07)


  • Replace deprecated best_match methods for Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers by their respective implementation with acceptable_offers and lookup methods better aligned with RFC 7231 specification.


  • Fix missing sphinx_autodoc_typehints[type_comment] extras due to renamed definition without leading s by pinning 1.19 as the minimum version (relates to tox-dev/sphinx-autodoc-typehints#263).

  • Fix dynamic regex definitions for schema validation with colander>=2 that modifies URL_REGEX pattern (relates to Pylons/colander#352).

  • Fix invalid default results from colander schemas with missing=drop|required and default parameters when combined with cornice OpenAPI schemas. Pin colander<2 to avoid problems with latest changes.

  • Fix secure_filename causing valid names with leading or trailing underscores to be incorrectly unresolved because they get stripped out by the operation.

  • Fix input-location definition for PACKAGE_DIRECTORY_TYPE input in weaver.processes.wps_package.WpsPackage.make_location_input, which caused the wrong directory being given to the CWL application.

  • Fix http directory download to match implemented AWS S3 directory download in weaver.utils.fetch_directory, so both types replicate the input directory’s top level folder, which is necessary when downloading multiple directories for the same input source.

  • Fix deprecation warnings from webob and owslib.

  • Fix filtered warnings for expected cases during tests.

  • Fix a problem with convert_input_values_schema under the OGC schema, that caused the conversion to malfunction when the function built lists for repeated input IDs of more than two elements.

  • Fix XML security vulnerability from owslib<0.28.1.

4.28.0 (2022-12-06)


  • Update Docker images to use more recent Python 3.10 by default instead of Python 3.7. All CI pipeline, tests and validation checks are also performed with Python 3.10. Unit and functional tests remain evaluated for all Python versions since 3.6 (legacy) up to 3.11 (experimental).

  • Update to latest cwltool==3.1.20221201130942 to provide v1.2 extension definitions.

  • Add CWL extensions activation for specific features supported by Weaver for more adequate schema validation.

  • Add Job log message size checks to better control what gets logged during the Application Package execution to avoid large documents causing problems when attempting save them to storage database.

  • Update documentation with examples for cwltool:CUDARequirement, ResourceRequirement and NetworkAccess.

  • Improve schema definition of ResourceRequirement.

  • Deprecate DockerGpuRequirement, with attempts to auto-convert it into corresponding DockerRequirement combined with cwltool:CUDARequirement definitions. If this conversion does not work transparently for the user, explicit CWL updates with those definitions should be made.

  • Ensure that validation check finds exactly one provided CWL requirement or hint to represent the application type. In case of missing requirement, the Process deployment will fail with a reported error that contains a documentation link to guide the user in adjusting its Application Package accordingly.


  • Fix CI failing setup of Python 3.6 not available on Ubuntu 22.04 (latest).

  • Fix distutils.version.LooseVersion marked for deprecation for upcoming versions. Use packaging.version.Version substitute whenever possible, but preserve backward compatibility with distutils in case of older Python not supporting it.

  • Fix cli._update_files so there are no attempts to upload remote references to the Vault.

4.27.0 (2022-11-22)


  • Support CWL InlineJavascriptRequirement for Process deployment to allow successful schema validation.

  • Support CWL Directory type references (resolves #466). Those references correspond to WPS and OGC API - Processes href using the Content-Type: application/directory Media-Type and must hava a trailing slash (/) character.

  • Support S3 file or directory references using Access Point, Virtual-hosted–style and Outposts URLs (see AWS documentation Methods for accessing a bucket).

  • Apply more validation rules against expected S3 file or directory reference formats.

  • Update documentation regarding handling of S3 references (more formats supported) and Directory type references.

  • Support weaver.wps_output_context setting and X-WPS-Output-Context request header resolution in combination with S3 bucket location employed for storing Job outputs.

  • Nest every complex Job output (regardless if stored on local WPS outputs or on S3, and whether the output is of File or Directory type) under its corresponding output ID collected from the Process definition to avoid potential name conflicts in storage location, especially in the case of multiple output IDs that could be aggregated with various files and listing of directory contents.

  • Allow colander.SchemaNode (with extensions for OpenAPI schema converters) to provide validation pattern field directly with a compiled re.Pattern object.

  • Support CWL definition for cwltool:CUDARequirement to request the use of a GPU, including support for using Docker with a GPU (resolves #104).

  • Support CWL definition for NetworkAccess to indicate whether a process requires outgoing IPv4/IPv6 network access.


  • Fix cli._update_files so there are no attempts to upload remote references to the vault.

4.26.0 (2022-10-31)


  • Add more explicit PackageException error messages with contextual details when a CWL file reference cannot be resolved correctly.

  • Return Content-Type: application/vnd.oai.openapi+json; version=3.0 for OpenAPI endpoint response referenced by service-desc in the API conformance details, as specified by OGC API - Processes - OpenAPI 3.0 requirement class.

  • Support the generation of external schema references ($ref) using the schema_ref attribute if provided in a colander.SchemaNode that does not provide an explicit object schema definition with properties.

  • Add Python typing definitions related to OpenAPI specification.

  • Add more validation of request arguments for improved security.


  • Fix invalid generation of OpenAPI 3.0 specification for Weaver API using cornice_swagger. The generated schema structure used to return a mix of Swagger 2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0 definitions. The provided contents are now defined completely with OpenAPI 3.0 specification format.

  • Remove hard requirement shapely==1.8.2 to obtain latest fixes.

  • Update json2xml>=3.20.0 requirement to allow more recent certifi, requests and urllib3 dependencies to be used by all packages (relates to vinitkumar/json2xml#157).

  • Fix resolution of CWL file from references that do not provide a known Content-Type that can represent CWL contents. This can occur when deploying a builtin Process from the local file reference, which does not generate a request and, therefore, no Content-Type. This can occur also for servers that incorrectly or simply do not report their response Content-Type header.

  • Fix resolution of file reference with explicit CWL or YAML extensions when Content-Type is not reported or is indicated as plain/text.

  • Fix invalid resolution of builtin Process that could load the optional JSON or YAML payload file intended to provide additional Process definition details, instead of the expected CWL for the package definition.

  • Fix kombu package requirement to employ celery>=5.2 with pymongo>=4 (fixes #386, relates to celery/celery#7834, relates to celery/kombu#1536).

  • Fix deprecated Cursor.count() call for Quote and Bill search with pymongo>=4.

  • Fix unsupported Process-related queries including a tagged version when searching for Job items.

4.25.0 (2022-10-05)


  • Refactor weaver.processes.wps_workflow definitions to delegate implementation to cwltool core classes, removing code duplication and allowing update to latest revisions (resolves #154).


  • No change.

4.24.0 (2022-09-29)


  • Support deployment of a local Process using a remote OGC API - Processes reference (resolves #11).

  • Support CWL definition for ScatterFeatureRequirement for Workflow parallel step distribution of an input array (resolves #105 and relates to #462).

  • Add formatter and better logging details when executing builtin Process jsonarray2netcdf.

  • Add OGC Media-Type ontology for File format references within CWL definition.

  • Replace EDAM NetCDF format reference by OGC NetCDF Media-Type with expected ontology definitions by processes For backward compatibility, corresponding EDAM references will be converted to OGC Media-Type whenever possible.

  • Adjust builtin process jsonarray2netcdf (version 2.0) to employ OGC Media-Type for NetCDF.

  • Adjust schema input of jsonarray2netcdf to avoid erroneous definition exposing a JSON object structure as a valid format, although a JSON array type is directly expected in the submitted JSON file.

  • Add support of builtin Process description overrides if provided along their CWL package definition. Overrides can be specified as JSON or YAML, and follow the same merging strategies of fields as normal deployments.

  • Refactor weaver.processes.wps_[...] definitions to reuse operations for communicating with OGC API - Processes servers across implementation for monitored Job with a remote Process type of OGC API, ADES and Workflow with other step Process references.


  • Fix implementation of various functional test cases for Workflow execution.

  • Fix owslib version with enforced pyproj dependency failing in Python 3.10 (resolves #459).

4.23.0 (2022-09-12)


  • Add CLI and WeaverClient support of logs, exceptions and statistics retrieval.

  • Add CLI and WeaverClient support of Job search filtered by tags, process and providers queries.

  • Add CLI, WeaverClient and API support of Job search filtered by multiple status values.

  • Adjust OpenAPI schema definitions for Process deployment to allow owsContext by itself without duplicated information that was required by mandatory executionUnit definition.


  • Fix tags query parameter not applied to filter Job search requests.

  • Fix implementation of functional DockerRequirement test cases for Process deployment when references are provided by href within the executionUnit or owsContext (relates to #11).

  • Fix weaver.wps_output_context sub-directory resolved from default settings or X-WPS-Output-Context request header not employed for storing the XML status location and Job log files next to the Job outputs directory.

4.22.0 (2022-08-18)


  • Add WPS remote Provider retry conditions to handle known problematic cases during Process execution (on remote) that can lead to sporadic failures of the monitored Job. When possible, retried submission leading to successful execution will result in the monitored Job to complete successfully and transparently to the user. Relevant errors and retry attempts are provided in the Job logs.

  • Add WPS remote Provider status exception response as XML message from the failed remote execution within the monitored local Job logs to help users understand how to resolve any encountered issue on the remote service.


  • Bump version OWSLib==0.26.0 to fix processVersion attribute resolution from WPS remote Provider definition to populate Process.version property employed in converted Process description to OGC API - Process schema (relates to geopython/OWSLib#794).

  • Fixes and improvements for typing definitions.

4.21.0 (2022-08-15)


  • Add CLI support for Process listing, Job execution, service registration and un-registration in the context of a Process offered by a remote Provider reference.

  • Add CLI options for Process listing with detailed descriptions, paging, limit and sorting queries.

  • Add CLI options for HTTP request timeout and retry control when required for specific use cases. For example, a Weaver instance with many registered Provider references could take longer than default timeout of 5s to populate the full list of remotely accessible processes retrieved from each WPS service.

  • Add CLI output of most recently retrieved Job status during execute operation in combination of monitoring flag to report the produced Job reference ID and URL in case monitoring timeout is reached before its completion.

  • Add support of XML content for Process description response from the REST API endpoint based on the WPS definition when any query between schema=WPS, f=xml, format=xml or the Accept header referring to XML Media-Type is identified in the request (resolves #125).

  • Add support of f and format query parameters to describe a Process with JSON when requested from the WPS endpoint with redirect to REST API URL (resolves #125).

  • Add support of Job submission with WPS-like XML content and HTTP POST request directly submitted through the OGC APi - Processes REST endpoint. Response is returned in JSON regardless of WPS-like Job submission in order to provide the status response (resolves #125).


  • Fix invalid POST /providers/{provider_id}/processes/{process_id}/execution endpoint that was missing the Process portion to mimic the OGC API - Processes execution endpoint of a Job for a remote Provider.

  • Fix result file names resolution for staging outputs retrieved from the Job execution on a remote Provider where the Process outputs files are not generated using the same glob naming convention as expected by the CWL outputs of the corresponding Process.

  • Fix Job submission response generation potentially duplicating Content-Type and Content-Length headers.

4.20.0 (2022-07-15)


  • Add support of Process revisions (resolves #107).

  • Add PATCH /processes/{processID} request, allowing MINOR and PATCH level modifications that can be applied to an existing Process in order to revise non-execution critical information. Level PATCH is used to identify changes with no impact on execution whatsoever, only affecting metadata such as its documented description. Level MINOR is used to update components that affect only execution methodology (e.g.: sync/async) or Process retrieval, but that do not directly impact what is executed (i.e.: the Application Package does not change).

  • Add PUT /processes/{processID} request, allowing MAJOR revision to essentially redeploy a new Process, but leaving some form of relationship with older versions by reusing the same Process ID. This MAJOR update level implies a relatively critical change to execute the Process, such as the addition, removal or modification of an input or output, directly impacting the Application Package definition and parameters the Process offers.

  • Add support of {processID}:{version} representation in request path and processID of the Job definition to reference the specific Process revisions when fetching a Process description or a Job status.

  • Add search query version and revisions parameters to allow description of a specific Process revision, or listing all its versions history.

  • Add more entries in links referring to Process revisions whenever applicable.


  • Fix CLI not allowing expected combination of --username and --password for Docker authentication when deploying a Process that needs it to retrieve the referenced repository and image in its CWL definition.

  • Fix invalid minimum and maximum OpenAPI fields that were defined as minLength and maxLength (duplicates definitions) for Process description and deployment schema validation.

4.19.0 (2022-07-05)


  • Add support of official CWL IANA types to allow Process deployment with the relevant Content-Type header for the submitted payload (see common-workflow-language/common-workflow-language#421 (comment), relates to opengeospatial/NamingAuthority#169, resolves #434).

  • Support Process deployment using only CWL content provided it contains an id field representing the target Process ID as per recommendation in OGC Best Practice for Earth Observation Application Package, CWL Document (resolves #434).

  • Support Process deployment with a payload using YAML content instead of JSON. This YAML content MUST be submitted in the request with a Content-Type header either equal to application/x-yaml or application/ogcapppkg+yaml for the OGC Application Package schema, or using application/cwl+yaml for a CWL-only definition. The definition will be loaded and converted to JSON for schema validation. Otherwise, JSON contents is assumed to be directly provided in the request payload for validation as previously accomplished.

  • Add partial support of CWL with $graph representation for the special case where the graph is composed of a list of exactly one Application Package. Multi/nested-CWL definitions are NOT supported (relates to #56).

  • Add weaver.cwl_processes_dir configuration setting for preloading, registering or updating a set of known Process definitions from CWL files stored in a nested directory structure. This allows a service provider that uses Weaver to offer their Processes to directly maintain their definitions from the set of CWL files and upload changes in the web application at startup without need to manually undeploy and redeploy each Process.

  • Add weaver.cwl_processes_register_error to fail fast any Process registration error from CWL when loading files at startup.


  • Fix Process deployment using a WPS-1/2 URL reference defining a GetCapabilities request to resolve the corresponding DescribeProcess request if the Process ID can be inferred from other known locations (relates to #11).

  • Move WpsPackage properties to instance level to avoid potential referencing of attributes across same class used by distinct running Process.

4.18.0 (2022-06-09)


  • Add CLI Authentication Handler parameters and corresponding auth argument of instantiated classes for WeaverClient methods that allows inline request authentication and authorization resolution to access a protected service. Any Authentication Handler implementation can be used to fulfill required server functionalities.

  • Add CLI handling of uncaught exceptions to gracefully report message and error instead of exception traceback.

  • Replaced CLI option -t by -T (Docker token) during deploy operation to match naming convention of other options (resolves #400).

  • Replaced CLI option -H by nH (--no-headers) and wH (--with-headers) to respectively enable or (explicitly) disable return of headers from response of the executed operation.

  • Replaced CLI option -L by nL (--no-links) and wL (--with-links) to respectively enable (explicitly) or disable return of links from response of the executed operation.

  • Replaced previously defined -H option by new -H/--header argument allowing insertion of explicitly provided request headers for relevant requests called by the executed operation.

  • Add case insensitive support of values for common API, CLI, and WeaverClient parameter choices.

  • Add all missing CLI and WeaverClient examples in the documentation.


  • Fix Process.payload improperly encoded in case of special characters where allowed such as in CWL definition.

  • Fix CLI operations assuming valid JSON response to instead return error response content and status code.

  • Fix CLI rendering of various optional arguments and groups when displaying help messages.

  • Fix invalid handling of Constants definitions mixed with classproperty such as in OutputFormat causing returned value to be the classproperty itself instead of the retrieved value from its getter definition.

  • Fix minor typing definitions that were incorrect.

4.17.0 (2022-05-30)


  • Add statistics collection at the end of Job execution to obtain used memory from celery process and spaced used by produced results.

  • Add /jobs/{jobID}/statistics endpoint (and corresponding locations for /providers and /processes) to report any collected statistics following a Job execution.


  • Fix Job Location header injected twice in get_job_submission_response causing header to have comma-separated list of URI values failing retrieval by CLI when attempting to perform auto-monitoring of the submitted Job.

  • Fix CWL runtime context setup to return monitored maximum RAM used by application under the Process if possible.

  • Fix failing Service provider summary response in case of unresponsive (not accessible or parsable) URL endpoint contents due to different errors raised by distinct versions of requests package.

4.16.1 (2022-05-12)


  • Add OpenGIS as a potential namespace resolver for common geospatial Media-Types such as image/tiff; subtype=geotiff that must be distinguished from generic IANA formats.


  • Fix invalid interpretation of stored Process I/O with schema with Media-Type reference not representing a pre-resolved OpenAPI schema object, but rather an expected URI contentSchema reference for default format.

  • Fix CLI combination of user-provided Process description and inserted Process ID by option argument considering alternative OGC/OLD representations.

  • Fix OAS format field dropped for literal type when resolving schema provided during Process deployment.

  • Fix Media-Type resolution dropping important sub-type parameters to distinguish between specific type context (e.g. image/tiff vs image/tiff; subtype=geotiff).

4.16.0 (2022-05-11)


  • Add support of OpenAPI schema field for I/O definitions within Process description responses as required by OGC API - Processes specification (resolves #245). Existing and deployed processes using legacy I/O definitions will be parsed for corresponding fields employed in OpenAPI to generate the missing schema field. Inversely, processes directly deployed with schema definitions are ported back to legacy I/O representation by padding them with corresponding fields. Conversion between the two representations is unidirectional according to whether schema is specified or not. Nevertheless, the final I/O definitions can try to make use of both representations simultaneously and in combination with I/O definitions extracted from the CWL Application Package to resolve additional details during I/O merging strategy.

  • Add support of Accept header, f and format request queries for GET /jobs/{jobID}/logs retrieval using text, json, yaml and xml (and their corresponding Media-Type definitions) to list Job logs.

  • Add partial support of literals with unit of measure (UoM) specified during Process deployment using the I/O schema field (relates to #430).

  • Add partial support of bounding box parsing specified during Process deployment using the I/O schema field (relates to #51).

  • Add encoding/decoding of JSON I/O definitions for saving to database in order to support OpenAPI schema that can contain conflicting key names with MongoDB functionalities (e.g.: $ref).

  • Add parsing of CLI inputs with @parameter=value additional properties to be passed for the Process execution. This can be used for specifying the mediaType and encoding of a File reference input.

  • Remove deploymentProfileName requirement during Process deployment. The corresponding deploymentProfile property is instead automatically generated from resolved CWL package/reference or remote WPS reference. This further simplifies deployment using the CLI to its bare minimum components as only the CWL or WPS reference needs to be provided along the desired Process ID without any further details.


  • Remove VaultReference from ReferenceURL schema employed to reference external resources that are not intended to be used with temporary Vault definitions. Only inputs for Process execution will allow Vault references.

  • Fix LiteralOutput creation not removing allowed_values not available with PyWPS class.

  • Fix failing Process deployment caused by links if explicitly specified in the payload by the user. Additional links that don’t conflict with dynamically generated ones are added to the deployed Process definition.

  • Fix missing deploymentProfile property in Process description (resolves #319).

4.15.0 (2022-04-20)


  • In order to support synchronous execution, setting RESULT_BACKEND MUST be specified in the weaver.ini configuration file. See Weaver INI Configuration Example in section [celery] for more details.

  • With resolution and added support of transmissionMode handling according to OGC API - Processes specification, requests that where submitted with reference outputs will produce results in a different format than previously since this parameter was ignored and always returned value representation.

  • Due to celery>=5.2 migration, any call to celery CLI must be updated accordingly by moving the global options before the mode, namely worker, inspect and so on. Specifically for Weaver, this means the weaver-worker command line option -A must be moved before worker as follows:

    celery -A pyramid_celery.celery_app worker -B -E --ini weaver.ini [...]


  • Support Prefer header with wait or respond-async directives to select Job execution mode either as synchronous or asynchronous task, according to supported jobControlOptions of the relevant Process being executed (resolves #247).

  • Increase minor version of all builtin processes that will now be executable in wither (a)synchronous modes.

  • Add weaver.exec_sync_max_wait and weaver.quote_sync_max_wait settings allowing custom definition for the maximum duration that can be specified to wait for a synchronous response from task workers.

  • Add -B (celery beat) option to Docker command of weaver-worker to run scheduled task in parallel to celery worker in order to periodically cleanup task results introduced by synchronous execution.

  • Add support of transmissionMode handling as reference to generate HTTP Link references for results requested this way (resolves #377).

  • Updated every Process to report that they support outputTransmission both as reference and value, since handling of results is accomplished by Weaver itself, regardless of the application being executed.

  • Add partial support of response=raw parameter for execution request submission in order to handle results to be returned accordingly to specified outputTransmission by reference or value. Multipart contents for multi-output results are not yet supported (relates to #376).

  • Add CLI option -R/--ref/--reference for execute operation allowing to request corresponding outputs by ID to be returned using the transmissionMode: reference method, producing HTTP Link headers for those entries rather than inserting values in the response content body.

  • Add requested outputs into response of GET /jobs/{jobId}/inputs to obtain submitted Job definitions.

  • Add query parameter schema for GET /jobs/{jobId}/inputs (and corresponding endpoints under /processes and /providers) allowing to retrieve submitted input values and requested outputs with either OGC/OLD formats.

  • Improve conformance for returned status codes and error messages when requesting results for an unfinished, failed, or dismissed Job.

  • Adjust conformance item references to correspond with OGC API - Processes: Part 2 renamed from Transactions to Deploy, Replace, Undeploy.

  • Add mutable field to Process summary listing and detailed descriptions for conformance (resolves #180).

  • Improve Process undeployment to consider running Job to block its removal while in use.

  • Add category query parameter to /conformance endpoint allowing to filter items by conf (conformance), rec (recommendation), req (requirement), per (permission) or all references. By default, return the conf representation which is the expected definitions by OGC API conformance validators.

  • Add multiple conformance items related to CWL and OGC Best Practice for Earth Observation Application Package definitions (relates to #56, #103, #105, #294, #399).

  • Phase out Python 3.6 support to better resolve package dependencies (could still work, but not explicitly supported nor officially guaranteed to work).


  • Fix outputs permitted to be completely omitted from the execution request (resolves #375).

  • Fix outputs permitted as explicit empty mapping or list as equivalent to omitting them, defining by default that all outputs should be returned with transmissionMode: value for Job execution.

  • Fix all instances of outputTransmission reported as reference in Process descriptions, although Weaver behaved with the value method, which is to return values and file references in content body, instead of HTTP Link header references.

  • Fix WPS 1/2 endpoint not reporting the appropriate instance URL (fixes #83).

  • Fix CLI deploy operation headers incorrectly passed down to the deployment request.

  • Fix many linting issues with latest pylint definitions.

  • Fix temporary pywps patches that have been integrated (relates to #352 addressing issues geopython/pywps#578 and geopython/pywps#623).

  • Fix celery security vulnerability with update to latest recommended version (resolves #386).

4.14.0 (2022-03-14)


  • Add CLI option -L/--no-links that drops the links section of any response to make the printed result more concise and specific to relevant details of the called operation.

  • Add CLI option -F/--format that allows output of contents in an alternative format. Available formatters include JSON, YAML and XML representations, with either pretty indentation and newlines or not. This allows CLI calls that can return contents in the preferred format of a such that might need to parse the relevant details. Alternative until the API itself can return similar formatted responses (relates to #125).

  • Add CLI option -H/--headers that allows output of response headers as well as the response contents. This can be useful for endpoints that can return critical information, such as Location header for the Job status endpoint of an OGC compliant service, or the Preference-Applied header for services that support multiple execution modes (i.e.: wait for sync-execute or respond-async for async-execute control options).

  • Add CLI operation jobs to obtain listing with some options similar to the corresponding API endpoint queries.


  • No change.

4.13.0 (2022-03-09)


  • Add schema query parameter to GET /jobs/{jobID}/outputs request allowing to select between OGC, OLD OGC+strict and OLD+strict representations (case insensitive), each with different combinations of format.mimeType, format.mediaType and/or directly type field to provide the Content-Type of an output with href file. By default, both the format (i.e.: OLD schema) and the type (i.e.: OGC schema) are simultaneously reported for backward and forward compatibility, and for OGC compliance, to return the IANA Media-Type of the associated file reference (relates to #401).

  • Add support of type as alias to the Media-Type under the format for file references when submitted for Job execution inputs, in accordance to the reported inputs/outputs endpoints, and for OGC compliance (resolves #401).

  • Drop type field for metadata items in process description that correspond to a value with a role.

  • Enforce pattern validation of type as IANA Content-Type for metadata items in process description that correspond to a Link with href. Invalid type are now rejected to adhere to OGC requirement classes.

  • Clarify schema employed by Weaver to use naming that is as close as possible to OGC schemas to facilitate their comprehension and external references.


  • Fix GET /jobs/{jobID}/inputs endpoint failing to return submitted inputs for Job execution when they were specified using the mapping representation (i.e.: OGC schema) instead of the listing representation (i.e.: OLD schema).

  • Fix Media-Type provided as Job file reference input not forwarded to underlying WPS execution for validation against supported formats for corresponding inputs. Specified format handles both the OLD definition with format field (and nested mimeType or mediaType), and the more recent OGC format with type field.

4.12.0 (2022-02-28)


  • Updates related to OGC API - Processes: Quotation Extension.

  • Move estimator portion of the quoting operation into separate files and bind them with Celery task to allow the same kind of dispatched processing as normal Process execution.

  • Update Quote data type to contain status similarly to Job considering dispatched async processing.

  • Define LocalizedDateTimeProperty for reuse by data types avoiding issues about handling datetime localization.

  • Update OpenAPI schemas regarding Quote (partial/complete) and other datetime related fields.

  • Add parsing of Prefer header allowing sync processing (relates to #247). This is not yet integrated for Jobs execution themselves on processes/{id}/execution endpoint.


  • No change.

4.11.0 (2022-02-24)


  • Support Process deployment using OGC schema (i.e.: Process metadata can be provided directly under processDescription instead of being nested under processDescription.process). This aligns the deployment schema with reference OGC API - Processes: Deploy, Replace, Undeploy extension (see OGC Application Package schema). The previous schema for deployment with nested process field remains supported for backward compatibility.


  • Fix resolution of the default field specifier under a list of supported formats during deployment. For various combinations such as when default: True format is omitted, or when the default is not ordered first, resolved default specifically for outputs definitions would be incorrect.

4.10.0 (2022-02-22)


  • Refactor all constants of similar concept into classes to facilitate reuse and avoid omitting entries when iterating over all members of a corresponding constant group (fixes #33).


  • Fix resolution of common IANA Media-Types (e.g.: text/plain, image/jpeg, etc.) that technically do not provide and explicit entry when accessing the namespace (i.e.: {IANA_NAMESPACE_URL}/{mediaType}), but are known in IANA registry through various RFC specifications. The missing endpoints caused many recurring and unnecessary HTTP 404 that needed a second validation against EDAM namespace each time. These common Media-Types, along with new definitions in weaver.formats, will immediately return a IANA/EDAM references without explicit validation on their registries.

4.9.1 (2022-02-21)


  • Add encryption of stored Vault file contents until retrieved for usage by the executed Process application.


  • Fix auto-resolution of Vault file Content-Type when not explicitly provided.

4.9.0 (2022-02-17)


  • Add Vault endpoints providing a secured self-hosted file storage to upload local files for execution input.

  • Add upload CLI operation for uploading local files to Vault.

  • Add CLI automatic detection of local files during execute call to upload to Vault and retrieve them from it on the remote Weaver instance.

  • Add -S/--schema option to CLI describe operation.

  • Add more documentation examples and references related to CLI and WeaverClient usage.

  • Improve Media-Type/Content-Type guesses based on known local definitions and extensions in weaver.formats.

  • Extend PyWPS WPSRequest to support more authorization header forwarding for inputs that could need it.


  • Fix rendering of CLI required arguments under the appropriate argument group section when those arguments can be specified using prefixed - and -- optional arguments format.

  • Fix CLI url parameter to be provided using -u or --url without specific argument position needed.

  • Fix CLI parsing of File inputs for execute operation when provided with quotes to capture full paths.

  • Fix rendering of OpenAPI variable names (additionalParameters) employed to represent for example {input-id} as the key within the mapping representation of inputs/outputs. The previous notation employed was incorrectly interpreted as HTML tags, making them partially hidden in Swagger UI.

  • Fix reload of DockerAuthentication reference from database failing due to mismatched parameter names.

  • Fix invalid generation and interpretation of timezone-aware datetime between local objects and loaded from database. Jobs created or reported without any timezone UTC offset were assumed as UTC+00:00 although corresponding datetimes were generated based on the local machine timezone information. Once reloaded from database, the missing timezone awareness made datetime stored in ISO-8601 format to be interpreted as already localized datetime.

  • Fix invalid setup of generic CLI options headers for other operations than dismiss.

  • Fix weaver.request-options handling that always ignored timeout and verify entries from the configuration file by overriding them with default values.

4.8.0 (2022-01-11)


  • Refactor Workflow operation flow to reuse shared input and output staging operations between implementations. Each new step process implementation now only requires to implement the specific operations related to deployment, execution, monitoring and result retrieval for their process, without need to consider Workflow intermediate staging operations to transfer files between steps.

  • Refactor Wps1Process and Wps3Process step processes to follow new workflow operation flow.

  • Add builtin process file_index_selector that allows the selection of a specific file within an array of files.

  • Add tests to validate chaining of Workflow steps using different combinations of process types including WPS-1, OGC-API and builtin implementations.

  • Move CWL script examples in documentation to separate package files in order to directly reference them in tests validating their deployment and execution requests.

  • Move all tests/functional/application-packages definitions into distinct directories to facilitate categorization of corresponding deployment, execution and package contents, and better support the various Workflow testing location of those files with backward compatibility.

  • Add logs final entry after retrieved internal CWL application logs to help highlight delimitation with following entries from the parent Process.


  • Fix handling of CWL Workflow outputs between steps when nested glob output binding are employed (resolves #371).

  • Fix resolution of builtin process Python reference when executed locally within a Workflow step.

  • Fix resolution of process type WPS-1 from its package within a Workflow step executed as OGC-API process.

  • Fix resolution of WPS1Requirement directly provided as CWL execution unit within the deployment body.

  • Fix deployment body partially dropping invalid executionUnit sub-fields causing potential misinterpretation of the intended application package.

  • Fix resolution of package or WPS-1 reference provided by href with erroneous Content-Type reported by the returned response. Attempts auto-resolution of detected CWL (as JSON or YAML) and WPS-1 (as XML) contents.

  • Fix resolution of format reference within CWL I/O record after interpretation of the loaded application package.

  • Fix missing WPS endpoint responses in generated OpenAPI for ReadTheDocs documentation.

  • Fix reporting of WPS-1 status location as the XML file URL instead of the JSON OGC-API endpoint when Job was originally submitted through the WPS-1 interface.

  • Fix and improve multiple typing definitions.

4.7.0 (2021-12-21)


  • Add CLI --body and --cwl arguments support of literal JSON string for deploy operation.


  • Fix help message of CLI arguments not properly grouped within intended sections.

  • Fix handling of mutually exclusive CLI arguments in distinct operation sub-parsers.

  • Fix CLI requirement of --process and --job arguments.

4.6.0 (2021-12-15)


  • Add WeaverClient and weaver CLI as new utilities to interact with Weaver instead of using the HTTP API. This provides both shell and Python script interfaces to run operations toward Weaver instances (or any other OGC API - Processes compliant instance except for deployment operations). It also facilitates new Process deployments by helping with the integration of a local CWL file into a full-fledged Deploy HTTP request, and other recurrent tasks such as Execute requests followed by Job monitoring and results retrieval once completed successfully (resolves #363, resolves DAC-198, relates to DAC-203).

  • Added weaver command installation to script.

  • Added auto-documentation utilities for new weaver CLI (argparse parameter definitions) and provide relevant references in new chapter in Sphinx documentation.

  • Added cwl2json_input_values function to help converting between CWL parameters and OGC API - Processes input value definitions for Job submission.

  • Added weaver.datatype.AutoBase that allows quick definition of data containers with fields accessible both as properties and dictionary keys, simply by detecting predefined class attributes, avoiding a lot of boilerplate code.

  • Split multiple file loading, remote validation and resolution procedures into distinct functions in order for the new CLI to make use of the same methodologies as needed.

  • Updated documentation with new details relevant to the added CLI and corresponding references.

  • Updated some tests utilities to facilitate definitions of new tests for WeaverClient feature validation.

  • Replaced literal string "OGC" and "OLD" used for schema selection by properly defined constants.

  • Add database revision number for traceability of migration procedures as needed.

  • Add first database revision with conversion of UUID-like strings to literal UUID objects.

  • Add links to /processes and /providers/{id}/processes listings (resolves #269).

  • Add limit, page and sort query parameters for /processes listing (resolves #269).

  • Add ignore parameter to /processes listing when combined with providers=true to allow the similar behaviour supported by ignore on /providers endpoint, to effectively ignore services that cause parsing errors or failure to retrieve details from the remote reference.

  • Add schema validation of contents returned on /processes endpoint.

  • Add more validation of paging applicable index ranges and produce HTTPBadRequest [400] when values are invalid.


  • Fix some typing definitions related to CWL function parameters.

  • Fix multiple typing inconsistencies or ambiguities between AnyValue (as Python typing for any literal value) against the actual class AnyValue of PyWPS. Typing definitions now all use AnyValueType instead.

  • Fix resolution of owsContext location in the payload of remote Process provided by href link in the executionUnit due to OGC API - Processes ("OGC" schema) not nested under process key (in contrast to "OLD" schema).

  • Fix resolution of outputs submitted as mapping (OGC API - Processes schema) during Job execution to provide desired filtered outputs in results and their transmissionMode. Note that filtering and handling of all transmissionMode variants are themselves not yet supported (relates to #377 and #380).

  • Fix resolution of unspecified UUID representation format in MongoDB.

  • Fix conformance with error type reporting of missing Job or Process (resolves #320).

  • Fix sorting of text fields using alphabetical case-insensitive ordering.

  • Fix search with paging reporting invalid total when out of range.

  • Pin pymongo<4 until celery>=5 gets resolved (relates to #386).

4.5.0 (2021-11-25)


  • Add support of X-Auth-Docker request header that can be specified during Process deployment as authentication token that Weaver can use to obtain access and retrieve the Docker image referenced by the Application Package (CWL) located on a private registry.

  • Add more documentation details about sample CWL definitions to execute script, Python and Dockerized applications.


  • Fix parsing of inputs for OpenSearch parameters lookup that was assuming inputs were always provided as listing definition, not considering possible mapping definition.

  • Fix incorrect documentation section Package as External Execution Unit Reference where content was omitted and incorrectly anchored as following ESGF-CWT section.

4.4.0 (2021-11-19)


  • Add map_wps_output_location utility function to handle recurrent mapping of weaver.wps_output_dir back and forth with resolved weaver.wps_output_url.

  • Add more detection of map-able WPS output location to avoid fetching files unnecessarily. Common cases are Workflow running multiple steps on the same server or Application Package Process that reuses an output produced by a previous execution. Relates to #183.

  • Add pre-validation of file accessibility using HTTP HEAD request when a subsequent Workflow step employs an automatically mapped WPS output location from a previous step to verify that the file would otherwise be downloadable if it could not have been mapped. This is to ensure consistency and security validation of the reference WPS output location, although the unnecessary file download operation can be avoided.

  • Add functional Workflow tests to validate execution without the need of remote Weaver test application (relates to #141, relates to #281).

  • Add missing documentation details about Data Source and connect chapters with other relevant documentation details and updated Workflow tests.

  • Add handling of Content-Disposition header providing preferred filename or filename* parameters when fetching file references instead of the last URL fragment employed by default (resolves #364).

  • Add more security validation of the obtained file name from HTTP reference, whether generated from URL path fragment or other header specification.


  • Fix incorrect resolution of Process results endpoint to pass contents from one step to another during Workflow execution (resolves #358).

  • Fix logic of remotely and locally executed applications based on CWL requirements when attempting to resolve whether an input file reference should be fetched.

  • Fix resolution of WPS I/O provided as mapping instead of listing during deployment in order to properly parse them and merge their metadata with corresponding CWL I/O definitions.

  • Fix DataSource and OpenSearch typing definitions to more rapidly detect incorrect data structures during parsing.

4.3.0 (2021-11-16)


  • Add support of type and processID query parameters for Job listing (resolves some tasks in #268).

  • Add type field to Job status information (resolves #351).

  • Add OGC API - Processes conformance references regarding supported operations for Job listing and filtering.

  • Add minDuration and maxDuration parameters to query Job listing filtered by specific execution time range (resolves #268). Range duration parameters are limited to single values each (relates to opengeospatial/ogcapi-processes#261).

  • Require minimally pymongo==3.12.0 and corresponding MongoDB 5.0 instance to process new filtering queries of minDuration and maxDuration. Please refer to Database Migration and MongoDB official documentation for migration methods.

  • Refactor Job search method to facilitate its extension in the event of future filter parameters.

  • Support contextual WPS output location using X-WPS-Output-Context header to store Job results. When a Job is executed by providing this header with a sub-directory, the resulting outputs of the Job will be placed and reported under the corresponding location relative to WPS outputs (path and URL).

  • Add weaver.wps_output_context setting as default contextual WPS output location when header is omitted.

  • Replace Job.execute_async getter/setter by simple property using more generic Job.execution_mode for storage in database. Provide Job.execute_async and Job.execute_sync properties based on stored mode.

  • Simplify execute_process function executed by Celery task into sub-step functions where applicable.

  • Simplify forwarding of Job parameters between PyWPS service WorkerService.execute_job method and Celery task instantiating it by reusing the Job object.

  • Provide corresponding Job log URL along already reported log file path to facilitate retrieval from server side.

  • Avoid Job.progress updates following failed or dismissed statuses to keep track of the last real progress percentage that was reached when that status was set.

  • Improve typing of database and store getter functions to infer correct types and facilitate code auto-complete.

  • Implement Job dismiss operation ensuring pending or running tasks are removed and output result artifacts are removed from disk.

  • Implement HTTP Gone (410) status from already dismissed Job when requested again or when fetching its artifacts.


  • Removes the need for specific configuration to handle public/private output directory settings using provided X-WPS-Output-Context header (fixes #110).

  • Fix retrieval of Pyramid Registry and application settings when available container is Werkzeug Request instead of Pyramid Request, as employed by underlying HTTP requests in PyWPS service.

  • Allow group query parameter to handle Job category listing with provider as service alias.

  • Improve typing of database and store getter functions to infer correct types and facilitate code auto-complete.

  • Fix incorrectly configured API views for batch Job dismiss operation with DELETE /jobs and corresponding endpoints for Process and Provider paths.

  • Fix invalid Job links sometimes containing duplicate / occurrences.

  • Fix invalid Job link URL for alternate relationship.

4.2.1 (2021-10-20)


  • Add more frequent Job updates of execution checkpoint pushed to database in order to avoid inconsistent statuses between the parent Celery task and the underlying Application Package being executed, since both can update the same Job entry at different moments.

  • Add a Job log entry as "accepted" on the API side before calling the Celery task submission (Job not yet picked by a worker) in order to provide more detail between the submission time and initial execution time. This allows to have the first log entry not immediately set to "running" since both "started" and "running" statues are remapped to "running" within the task to be compliant with OGC status codes.


  • Fix an inconsistency between the final Job status and the reported “completed” message in logs due to missing push of a newer state prior re-fetch of the latest Job from the database.

4.2.0 (2021-10-19)


  • Add execution endpoint POST /provider/{id}/process/{id}/execution corresponding to the OGC-API compliant endpoint for local Process definitions.

  • Add multiple additional relation links for Process and Job responses (resolves #234 and #267).

  • Add convenience DELETE /jobs endpoint with input list of Job UUIDs in order to dismiss multiple entries simultaneously. This is useful for quickly removing a set of Job returned by filtered GET /jobs contents.

  • Update conformance link list for dismiss and relevant relation links definitions (relates to #53 and #267).

  • Add better support and reporting of Job status dismissed when operation is called from API on running task.

  • Use explicit started status when Job has been picked up by a Celery worker instead of leaving it to accepted (same status that indicates the Job “pending”, although a worker is processing it). Early modification of status is done in case setup operations (send WPS request, prepare files, etc.) take some time which would leave users under the impression the Job is not getting picked up. Report explicit running status in Job once it has been sent to the remote WPS endpoint. The API will report running in both cases in order to support OGC API - Processes naming conventions, but internal Job status will have more detail.

  • Add updated timestamp to Job response to better track latest milestones saved to database (resolves #249). This avoids users having to compare many fields (created, started, finished) depending on latest status.

  • Apply stricter Deploy body schema validation and employ deserialized result directly. This ensures that preserved fields in the submitted content for deployment contain only known data elements with expected structures for respective schemas. Existing deployment body that contain invalid formats could start to fail or might generate inconsistent Process descriptions if not adjusted.

  • Add improved reporting of erroneous inputs during Process deployment whenever possible to identify the cause.

  • Add more documentation details about missing features such as EOImage inputs handled by OpenSearch requests.

  • Add weaver.celery flag to internal application settings when auto-detecting that current runner is celery. This bypasses redundant API-only operations during application setup and startup not needed by celery worker.


  • Fix OGC-API compliant execution endpoint POST /process/{id}/execution not registered in API.

  • Fix missing status for cancelled Jobs in order to properly support dismiss operation (resolves #145 and #228).

  • Fix all known OGC-specific link relationships with URI prefix (resolves #266).

  • Fix incorrect rendering of some table cells in the documentation.

4.1.2 (2021-10-13)


  • No change.


  • Add celery worker task events flag (-E) to Docker command (weaver-worker) to help detect submitted delayed tasks when requesting job executions.

4.1.1 (2021-10-12)


  • No change.


  • Fix handling of default format field of WPS input definition incorrectly resolved as default data by PyWPS for Process that allows optional (minOccurs=0) inputs of Complex type. Specific case is detected with relevant erroneous data and dropped silently because it should not be present (since omitted in WPS request) and should not generate a WPS input (relates to geopython/pywps#633).

  • Fix resolution of CWL field default value erroneously inserted as "null" literal string for inputs generated from WPS definition to avoid potential confusion with valid "null" input or default string. Default behaviour to drop or ignore omitted inputs are handled by "null" within type field in CWL definitions.

  • Fix Wps1Process job runner for dispatched execution of WPS-1 Process assuming all provided inputs contain data or reference. Skip omitted optional inputs that are resolved with None value following above fixes.

  • Resolve execution failure of WPS-1 Process ncdump under hummingbird Provider (fixes issue identified in output logs from notebook in PR pavics-sdi#230).

4.1.0 (2021-09-29)


  • Improve reporting of mismatching Weaver configuration for Process and Application Package definitions that always require remote execution. Invalid combinations will be raised during execution with detailed problem.

  • Forbid Provider and applicable Process definitions to be deployed, executed or queried when corresponding remote execution is not supported according to Weaver instance configuration since Provider must be accessed remotely.

  • Refactor endpoint views and utilities referring to Provider operations into appropriate modules.

  • Apply weaver.configuration = HYBRID by default in example INI configuration since it is the most common use case. Apply same configuration by default in tests. Default resolution still employs DEFAULT for backward compatibility in case the setting was omitted completely from a custom INI file.

  • Add query parameter ignore to GET /providers listing in order to obtain full validation of remote providers (including XML contents parsing) to return 200. Invalid definitions will raise and return a [422] Unprocessable Entity HTTP error.

  • Add more explicit messages about the problem that produced an error (XML parsing, unreachable WPS, etc.) and which caused request failure when attempting registration of a remote Provider.


  • Fix reported links by processes nested under a provider Service. Generated URL references were omitting the /providers/{id} portion.

  • Fix documentation referring to incorrect setting name in some cases for WPS outputs configuration.

  • Fix strict XML parsing failing resolution of some remote WPS providers with invalid characters such as <, <= within process description fields. Although invalid, those easily recoverable errors will be handled by the parser.

  • Fix resolution and execution of WPS-1 remote Provider and validate it against end-to-end test procedure from scratch Service registration down to results retrieval (fixes #340).

  • Fix resolution of applicable Provider listing schema validation when none have been registered (fixes #339).

  • Fix incorrect schema definition of Process items for GET /processes response that did not report the alternative identifier-only listing when detail=false query is employed.

  • Fix incorrect reporting of documented OpenAPI reference definitions for query parameters with same names shared across multiple endpoints. Fix is directly applied on relevant reference repository that generates OpenAPI schemas (see fmigneault/cornice.ext.swagger@70eb702).

  • Fix weaver.exception definitions such that raising them directly will employ the corresponding HTTPException code (if applicable) to generate the appropriate error response automatically when raising them directly without further handling. The order of class inheritance were always using 500 due to WeaverException definition.

4.0.0 (2021-09-21)


  • Apply conformance updates to better align with expected ProcessDescription schema from OGC API - Processes v1.0-draft6. The principal change introduced in this case is that process description contents will be directly at the root of the object returned by /processes/{id} response instead of being nested under "process" field. Furthermore, inputs and outputs definitions are reported as mapping of {"<id>": {<parameters>}} as specified by OGC-API instead of old listing format [{"id": "<id-value>", <key:val parameters>}]. The old nested and listing format can still be obtained using request query parameter schema=OLD, and will otherwise use OGC-API by default or when schema=OGC. Note that some duplicated metadata fields are dropped regardless of selected format in favor of OGC-API names. Some examples are abstract that becomes description, processVersion that simply becomes version, mimeType that becomes mediaType, etc. Some of those changes are also reflected by ProcessSummary during listing of processes, as well as for corresponding provider-related endpoints (relates to #200).

  • Add backward compatibility support of some metadata fields (abstract, mimeType, etc.) for Deploy operation of pre-existing processes. When those fields are detected, they are converted inplace in favor of their corresponding new names aligned with OGC-API.

  • Update mimeType to mediaType as format type representation according to OGC-API (relates to #211).

  • Add explicit pattern validation (type/subtype) of format string definitions with MediaType schema.

  • Add sorting capability to generate mapping schemas for API responses using overrides of properties _sort_first and _sort_after using lists of desired ordered field names.

  • Improved naming of many ambiguous and repeated words across schema definitions that did not necessarily interact with each other although making use of similar naming convention, making their interpretation and debugging much more complicated. A stricter naming convention has been applied for consistent Deploy/Describe/Execute-related and Input/Output-related references.

  • Replace list_remote_processes function by method processes under the Service instance.

  • Replace get_capabilities function by reusing and extending method summary under the Service instance.

  • Improve generation of metadata and content validation of Service provider responses (relates to OGC #200 and #266).

  • Add query parameter detail to providers listing request to allow listing of names instead of their summary (similarly to the processes endpoint query parameter).

  • Add query parameter check to providers listing request to retrieve all registered Service regardless of their URL endpoint availability at the moment the request is executed (less metadata is retrieved in that case).

  • Add weaver.schema_url configuration parameter and weaver.wps_restapi.utils.get_schema_ref function to help generate $schema definition and return reference to expected/provided schema in responses (relates to #157) Only utilities are added, not all routes provide the information yet.

  • Add validation of schema field under Format schema (as per opengeospatial/ogcapi-processes schema format.yml) such that only URL formatted strings are allowed, or alternatively an explicit JSON definition. Previous definitions that would indicate an empty string schema are dropped since schema is optional.

  • Block unknown and builtin process types during deployment from the API (fixes #276). Type builtin can only be registered by Weaver itself at startup. Other unknown types that have no indication for mapping to an appropriate Process implementation are preemptively validated.

  • Add parsing and generation of additional literalDataDomains for specification of WPS I/O data constrains and provide corresponding definitions in process description responses (fixes #41, #211, #297).

  • Add additional maximumMegabyte metadata detail to formats of WPS I/O of complex type whenever available (requires geopython/OWSLib#796, future OWSLIB==0.26.0 release).


  • Revert an incorrectly removed schema deserialization operation during generation of the ProcessSummary employed for populating process listing.

  • Revert an incorrectly modified schema reference that erroneously replaced service provider ProcessSummary items during their listing by a single ProcessInputDescriptionSchema (introduced since 3.0.0).

  • Fix #203 with explicit validation test of ProcessSummary schema for providers response.

  • Fix failing minOccurs and maxOccurs generation from a remote provider Process to support OGC-API format (relates to #263).

  • Fix schemas references and apply deserialization to providers listing request.

  • Fix failing deserialization of variable children schema under mapping when this variable element is allowed to be undefined (i.e.: defined with missing=drop). Allows support of empty inputs mapping of OGC-API representation of ProcessDescription that permits such processes (constant or random output generator).

  • Fix some invalid definitions of execution inputs schemas under mapping with value sub-schema where key-based input IDs (using additionalProperties) where replaced by the variable <input-id> name instead of their original names in the request body (from #265 since 3.4.0).

  • Fix parsing error raised from wps_processes.yml configuration file when it can be found but contains neither a processes nor providers section. Also, apply more validation of specified name values.

  • Fix parsing of request_extra function/setting parameters for specifically zero values corresponding to retries and backoff options that were be ignored.

  • Fix incorrect parsing of default field within WPS input when literal data type is present and was assumed as complex (fixes #297).

  • Fix and test various invalid schema deserialization validation issues, notably regarding PermissiveMappingSchema, schema nodes ExtendedFloat, ExtendedInt and their handling strategies when combined in mappings or keywords.

  • Fix resolution of similar values that could be implicitly converted between ExtendedString, ExtendedFloat, ExtendedInt and ExtendedBool schema types to guarantee original data type explicitly defined are preserved.

  • Fix runningSeconds field reporting to be of float type although implicit int type conversion could occur.

  • Fix validation of Execute inputs schemas to adequately distinguish between optional inputs and incorrect formats.

  • Fix resolution of Accept-Language negotiation forwarded to local or remote WPS process execution.

  • Fix XML security issue flagged within dependencies to PyWPS and OWSLib by pinning requirements to versions pywps==4.5.0 and owslib==0.25.0, and apply the same fix in Weaver code (see following for details: geopython/pywps#616, geopython/pywps#618, geopython/pywps#624, CVE-2021-39371).

3.5.0 (2021-08-19)


  • No change.


  • Fix weaver.datatype objects auto-resolution of fields using either attributes (accessed as dict) or properties (accessed as class) to ensure correct handling of additional operations on them.

  • Fix DuplicateKeyError that could sporadically arise during initial processes storage creation when builtin processes get inserted/updated on launch by parallel worker/threads running the application. Operation is relaxed only for default builtin to allow equivalent process replacement (upsert) instead of only explicit inserts, as they should be pre-validated for duplicate entries, and only new definitions should be registered during this operation (fixes #246).

3.4.0 (2021-08-11)


  • Add missing processID detail in job status info response (relates to #270).

  • Add support for inputs under mapping for inline values and arrays in process execution (relates to #265).


  • Fix copy of headers when generating the WPS clients created for listing providers capabilities and processes.

3.3.0 (2021-07-16)


  • Add support for array type as job inputs (relates to #233).

  • Remove automatic conversion of falsy/truthy string and integer type definitions to boolean type to align with OpenAPI boolean type definitions. Non explicit boolean values will not be automatically converted to bool anymore. They will require explicit false|true values.


  • Fix minOccurs and maxOccurs representation according to OGC-API (fixes #263).

  • Fixed the format of the output file URL. When the prefix / was not present, URL was incorrectly handled by not prepending the required base URL location.

3.2.1 (2021-06-08)


  • No change.


  • Fix backward compatibility of pre-deployed processes that did not define jobControlOptions that is now required. Missing definition are substituted in-place by default ["execute-async"] mode.

3.2.0 (2021-06-08)


  • Add reference link to ReadTheDocs URL of Weaver in API landing page.

  • Add references to OGC-API Processes requirements and recommendations for eventual conformance listing (relates to #231).

  • Add datetime query parameter for job searches queries (relates to #236).

  • Add limit query parameter validation and integration for jobs in retrieve queries (relates to #237).


  • Pin pywps==4.4.3 and fix incompatibility introduced by its refactor of I/O base classes in geopython/pywps#602 (specifically commit 343d825), which broke the ComplexInput work-around to avoid useless of file URLs (see issue geopython/pywps#526).

  • Fix default execution mode specification in process job control options (fixes opengeospatial/ogcapi-processes#182).

  • Fix old OGC-API WPS REST bindings link in landing page for the more recent OGC-API Processes specification.

  • Fix invalid deserialization of schemas using not keyword that would result in all fields returned instead of limiting them to the expected fields from the schema definitions for LiteralInputType in process description.

  • Adjust InputType and OutputType schemas to use allOf instead of anyOf definition since all sub-schemas that define them must be combined, with their respectively required or optional fields.

3.1.0 (2021-04-23)


  • Add caching of remote WPS requests according to request-options.yml and request header Cache-Control to allow reduced query of pre-fetched WPS client definition.

  • Add POST /processes/{}/execution endpoint that mimics its jobs counterpart to respect OGC-API Processes updates (see issue opengeospatial/ogcapi-processes#124 and PR opengeospatial/ogcapi-processes#159, resolves #235).

  • Add OpenAPI schema examples for some of the most common responses.

  • Add missing schema definitions for WPS XML requests and responses.

  • Improve schema self-validation with their specified default values.

  • Add explicit options usage and expected parsing results for all test variations of OpenAPI schemas generation and colander object arguments for future reference in tests.wps_restapi.test_colander_extras.


  • Fix erroneous tags in job inputs schemas.

  • Fix handling of deeply nested schema validator raising for invalid format within optional parent schema.

  • Fix retrieval of database connection from registry reference.

  • Fix test mock according to installed pyramid version to avoid error with modified mixin implementations.

3.0.0 (2021-03-16)


  • Provide HTTP links to corresponding items of job in JSON body of status, inputs and outputs routes (#58, #86).

  • Provide Job.started datetime and calculate Job.duration from it to indicate the duration of the process execution instead of counting from the time the job was submitted (i.e.: Job.created).

  • Provide OGC compliant <job-uri>/results response schema as well as some expected code/description fields in case where the request fails.

  • Add <job-uri>/outputs providing the data/href formatted job results as well as <job-uri>/inputs to retrieve the inputs that were provided during job submission (#86).

  • Deprecate <job-uri>/result paths (indicated in OpenAPI schemas and UI) in favor of <job-uri>/outputs which provides the same structure with additional links references (#58). Result path requests are redirected automatically to outputs.

  • Add more reference/documentation links to WPS-1/2 and update conformance references (#53).

  • Add some minimal caching support of routes.

  • Adjust job creation route to return 201 (created) as it is now correctly defined by the OGC API specification (#14).

  • Add method that auto-generates all applicable links (inputs, outputs, logs, etc.).

  • Add image/jpeg, image/png, image/tiff formats to supported weaver.formats (relates to #100).

  • Handle additional trailing slash resulting in HTTPNotFound [404] to automatically resolve to corresponding valid route without the slash when applicable.

  • Provide basic conda environment setup through Makefile for Windows bash-like shell (ie: MINGW/MINGW64).

  • Update documentation for minimal adjustments needed to run under Windows.

  • Update OpenAPI template to not render the useless version selector since we only provide the current version.

  • Update Swagger definitions to reflect changes and better reuse existing schemas.

  • Update Swagger UI to provide the ReadTheDocs URL.

  • Add crim-ca/cwltool@docker-gpu as cwltool requirement to allow processing of GPU-enabled dockers with nvidia-docker.

  • Add fmigneault/cornice.ext.swagger@openapi-3 as cornice_swagger requirement to allow OpenAPI-3 definitions support of schema generation and deserialization validation of JSON payloads.

  • Disable default auto-generation of request-options.yml and wps_processes.yml configuration files from a copy of their respective .example files as these have many demo (and invalid values) that fail real execution of tests when no actual file was provided.

  • Add per-request caching support when using request_extra function, and caching control according to request headers and request-options.yml configuration.


  • Fix weaver.config.get_weaver_config_file called with empty path to be resolved just as requesting the default file path explicitly instead of returning an invalid directory.

  • Fix CWL package path resolution under Windows incorrectly parsed partition as URL protocol.

  • Fix AttributeError of pywps.inout.formats.Format equality check compared to null object (using getter patch on null since fix geopython/pywps#507 not released at this point).

  • Fix potential invalid database state that could have saved an invalid process although the following ProcessSummary schema validation would fail and return HTTPBadRequest [400]. The process is now saved only after complete and successful schema validation.

2.2.0 (2021-03-03)


  • Add weaver.wps.utils.get_wps_client function to handle the creation of owslib.wps.WebProcessingService client with appropriate request options configuration from application settings.


  • Fix job percent progress reported in logs to be more consistent with actual execution of the process (fixes #90).

  • Fix Job duration not stopped incrementing when its execution failed due to raised error (fixes #222).

  • Improve race condition handling of builtin process registration at application startup.

2.1.0 (2021-02-26)


  • Ensure that configuration file definitions specified in processes and providers will override older database definitions respectively matched by id and name when starting Weaver if other parameters were modified.

  • Support dynamic instantiation of WPS-1/2 processes from remote WPS providers to accomplish job execution.

  • Remove previously flagged duplicate code to handle OWSLib processes conversion to JSON for OGC-API.

  • Replace GET HTTP request by HEAD for MIME-type check against IANA definitions (speed up).

  • Improve handling of CWL input generation in combination with minOccurs, maxOccurs, allowedValues and default empty ("null") value from WPS process from remote provider (fix #17).

  • Add HYBRID mode that allows Weaver to simultaneously run local Application Packages and remote WPS providers.

  • Rename ows2json_output to ows2json_output_data to emphasise its usage for parsing job result data rather than simple output definition as accomplished by ows2json_io.

  • Remove function duplicating operations accomplished by ows2json_io (previously marked with FIXME).

  • Improve typing definitions for CWL elements to help identify invalid parsing methods during development.

  • Improve listing speed of remote providers that require data fetch when some of them might have become unreachable.


  • Avoid failing WPS-1/2 processes conversion to corresponding OGC-API process if metadata fields are omitted.

  • Fix invalid function employed for GET /providers/{prov}/processes/{proc} route (some error handling was bypassed).

2.0.0 (2021-02-22)


  • Add support of YAML format for loading weaver.data_sources definition.

  • Pre-install Docker CLI in worker image to avoid bad practice of mounting it from the host.

  • Adjust WPS request dispatching such that process jobs get executed by Celery worker as intended (see #21 and #126).

  • Move WPS XML endpoint functions under separate weaver.wps.utils and weaver.wps.views to remove the need to constantly handle circular imports issues due to processing related operations that share some code.

  • Move core processing of job operation by Celery worker under weaver.processes.execution in order to separate those components from functions specific for producing WPS-REST API responses.

  • Handle WPS-1/2 requests submitted by GET KVP or POST XML request with application/json in Accept header to return the same body content as if directly calling their corresponding WPS-REST endpoints.

  • Remove request parameter of every database store methods since they were not used nor provided most of the time.

  • Changed all forbidden access responses related to visibility status to return 403 instead of 401.

  • Add more tests for Docker applications and test suite execution with Github Actions.

  • Add more details in sample configurations and provide an example docker-compose.yml configuration that defines a typical Weaver API / Worker combination with docker-proxy for sibling container execution.

  • Add captured stdout and stderr details in job log following CWL execution error when retrievable.

  • Document the WPS KVP/XML endpoint within the generated OpenAPI specification.

  • Disable auto-generation of request_options.yml file from corresponding empty example file and allow application to start if no such configuration was provided.

  • Remove every Python 2 backward compatibility references and operations.

  • Drop Python 2 and Python 3.5 support.


  • Target PyWPS-4.4 to resolve multiple invalid dependency requirements breaking installed packages over builtin Python packages and other compatibility fixes (see geopython/pywps #568).

  • Fix retrieval of database connexion to avoid warning of MongoClient opened before fork of processes.

  • Fix indirect dependency oauthlib missing from esgf-compute-api (cwt) package.

  • Fix inconsistent python reference resolution of builtin applications when executed locally and in tests (using virtual/conda environment) compared to within Weaver Docker image (using OS python).

  • Fix many typing definitions.

1.14.0 (2021-01-11)


  • Add data input support for CWL Workflow step referring to WPS-3 Process.

  • Add documentation example references to Application Package and Process Deploy/Execute repositories.

  • Add parsing of providers in wps_processes.yml to directly register remote WPS providers that will dynamically fetch underlying WPS processes, instead of static per-service processes stored locally.

  • Add field visible to wps_processes.yml entries to allow directly defining the registered processes visibility.

  • Adjust response of remote provider processes to return the same format as local processes.


  • Fix stdout/stderr log file not permitted directly within CWL Workflow (must be inside intermediate steps).

  • Fix missing S3 bucket location constraint within unittests.

1.13.1 (2020-07-17)


  • No change.


  • Create an stdout.log or stderr.log file in case cwltool hasn’t created it.

1.13.0 (2020-07-15)


  • Add AWS S3 bucket support for process input reference files.

  • Add weaver.wps_output_s3_bucket setting to upload results to AWS S3 bucket instead of local directory.

  • Add weaver.wps_output_s3_region setting to allow override parameter extracted from AWS profile otherwise.

  • Add more documentation about supported file reference schemes.

  • Add documentation references to ESGF-CWT Compute API.

  • Add conditional input file reference fetching (depending on ADES/EMS, process type from CWL hints) to take advantage of request-options and all supported scheme formats by Weaver, instead of relying on PyWPS and/or CWL wherever how far downstream the URL reference was reaching.


  • Adjust some docstrings to better indicate raised errors.

  • Adjust weaver.processes.wps_package.WpsPackage to use its internal logger when running the process in order to preserve log entries under its job execution. They were otherwise lost over time across all process executions.

1.12.0 (2020-07-03)


  • Add multiple CWL ESGF processes and workflows, namely SubsetNASAESGF, SubsetNASAESGF and many more.

  • Add tests for ESGF processes and workflows.

  • Add documentation for ESGF-CWTRequirement processes.

  • Add file2string_array and metalink2netcdf builtins.

  • Add esgf_process Wps1Process extension, to handle ESGF-CWTRequirement processes and workflows.


  • Reset MongoDatabase connection when we are in a forked process.

1.11.0 (2020-07-02)


  • Generate Weaver OpenAPI specification for readthedocs publication.

  • Add some sections for documentation (#61).

  • Add support of documentation RST file redirection to generated HTML for reference resolution in both Github source and Readthedocs served pages.

  • Improve documentation links, ReadTheDocs format and TOC references.

  • Avoid logging stdout/stderr in workflows.

  • Add tests to make sure processes stdout/stderr are logged.

  • Remove Python 2.7 version as not officially supported.

  • Move and update WPS status location and status check functions into weaver.wps module.


  • Fix reported WPS status location to handle when starting with / although not representing an absolute path.

1.10.1 (2020-06-03)


  • No change.


  • Pin celery==4.4.2 to avoid import error on missing futures.utils called internally in following versions.

1.10.0 (2020-06-03)


  • Add support of value-typed metadata fields for process description.

  • Enforce rel field when specifying an href JSON link to match corresponding XML requirement.


  • Add more examples of supported WPS endpoint metadata (fixes #84).

1.9.0 (2020-06-01)


  • Add weaver.wps_workdir configuration setting to define the location where the underlying cwltool application should be executed under. This can allow more control over the scope of the mounted volumes for Application Package running a docker image.

  • Add mapping of WPS results from the Job’s UUID to generated PyWPS UUID for outputs, status and log locations.

  • Add experimental configuration settings weaver.cwl_euid and weaver.cwl_egid to provide effective user/group identifiers to employ when running the CWL Application Package. Using these require good control of the directory and process I/O locations as invalid permissions could break a previously working job execution.

  • Add more logging configuration and apply them to cwltool before execution of Application Package.

  • Enforce no_match_user=False and no_read_only=False of cwltool’s RuntimeContext to ensure that docker application is executed with same user as weaver and that process input files are not modified inplace (readonly) where potentially inaccessible (according to settings). Definition of CWL package will need to add InitialWorkDirRequirement as per defined by reference specification to stage those files if they need to be accessed with write permissions (see: example). Addresses some issues listed in #155.

  • Enforce removal of some invalid CWL hints/requirements that would break the behaviour offered by Weaver.

  • Use weaver.request_options for WPS GetCapabilities and WPS Check Status requests under the running job.

  • Change default DOCKER_REPO value defined in Makefile to point to reference mentioned in and considered as official deployment location.

  • Add application/x-cwl MIME-type supported with updated EDAM 1.24 ontology.

  • Add application/x-yaml MIME-type to known formats.

  • Add application/x-tar and application/tar+gzip MIME-type (not official) but resolved as synonym application/gzip (official) to preserve compressed file support during CWL format validation.


  • Set get_cwl_file_format default argument must_exist=True instead of False to retrieve original default behaviour of the function. Since CWL usually doesn’t need to add File.format field when no corresponding reference actually exists, this default also makes more sense.

1.8.1 (2020-05-22)


  • Add Travis-CI smoke test of built docker images for early detection of invalid setup or breaking code to boot them.

  • Add Travis-CI checks for imports. This check was not validated previously although available.

  • Adjust weaver.ini.example to reflect working demo server configuration (employed by smoke test).

  • Move weaver web application to to reduce chances of breaking installation from import errors due to weaver dependencies not yet installed. Redirect to new location makes this change transparent when loaded with the usual weaver.ini configuration.


  • Fix base docker image to install Python 3 development dependencies in order to compile requirements with expected environment Python version. Package python-dev for Python 2 was being installed instead.

  • Fix failing docker image boot due to incorrectly placed yaml import during setup installation.

  • Fix imports according to Makefile targets check-imports and fix-imports.

  • Fix parsing of PyWPS metadata to correctly employ values provided by weaver.ini.

1.8.0 (2020-05-21)


  • Modify weaver.utils.request_retry to weaver.utils.request_extra to include more requests functionality and reuse it across the whole code base.

  • Add requests_extra SSL verification option using specific URL regex(es) matches from configuration settings.

  • Add file:// transport scheme support directly to utility requests_extra to handle local file paths.

  • Add file weaver.request_options INI configuration setting to specify per-request method/URL options.

  • Add requests_extra support of Retry-After response header (if any available on 429 status) which indicates how long to wait until next request to avoid automatically defined response right after.

  • Add weaver.wps_workdir configuration setting with allow setting corresponding pywps.workdir directory.


  • Modify Dockerfile-manager to run web application using pserve as gunicorn doesn’t correctly handles worker options anymore when loaded form weaver.ini with --paste argument. Also simplifies the command which already required multiple patches such as reapplying the host/port binding from INI file.

  • Fix handling of Literal Data I/O type when retrieved from OWSLib.wps object with remote WPS XML body.

  • Adjust make start target to use new make install-run target which installs the dependencies and package in edition mode so that configuration files present locally can be employed for running the application. Previously, one would have to move their configurations to the site-package install location of the active Python.

  • Fix celery>4.2 not found because of application path modification.

  • Fix invalid handling of wps_processes.yml reference in weaver.ini when specified as relative path to configuration directory.

  • Fix handling of WPS<->CWL I/O merge of data_format field against supported_formats with pywps>=4.2.4.

  • Fix installation of yaml-related packages for Python 2 backward compatibility.

1.7.0 (2020-05-15)


  • Add additional status log for EOImage input modification with OpenSearch during process execution.

  • Add captured stderr/stdout logging of underlying CWL application being executed to resulting Job logs (addresses first step of #131).

  • Use weaver.utils.request_retry in even more places and extend convenience arguments offered by it to adapt it to specific use cases.


  • Fix handling of WPS-REST output matching a JSON file for multiple-output format specified with a relative local path as specified by job output location. Only remote HTTP references where correctly parsed. Also avoid failing the job if the reference JSON parsing fails. It will simply return the original reference URL in this case without expanded data (relates to #25).

  • Fix CWL job logs to be timezone aware, just like most other logs that will report UTC time.

  • Fix JSON response parsing of remote provider processes.

  • Fix parsing of CWL ordered parsing when I/O is specified as shorthand "<id>":"<type>" directly under the inputs or outputs dictionary instead of extended JSON object variant such as {"input": {"type:" "<type>", "format": [...]}} (fixes #137).

1.6.0 (2020-05-07)


  • Reuse weaver.utils.request_retry function across a few locations that where essentially reimplementing the core functionality.

  • Add even more failure-permissive request attempts when validating a MIME-type against IANA website.

  • Add auto-resolution of common extensions known under PyWPS as well as employing their specific encoding.

  • Add geotiff format type support via PyWPS (#100).

  • Make WPS status check more resilient to failing WPS outputs location not found in case the directory path can be resolved to a valid local file representing the XML status (i.e.: don’t depend as much on the HTTP WPS output route).

  • Ensure backward support of generic/default text/plain I/O when extracted from a referenced WPS-1/2 XML remote process which provides insufficient format details. For CWL output generated from it, replace the glob pattern to match anything (<id>.*) instead of <id>.txt extracted from text/plain to simulate MIME-type as */*. Issue log warning message for future use cases.


  • Fix invalid AllowedValue parsing when using LiteralData inputs that resulted in AnyValue being parsed as a "None" string. This was transparent in case of string inputs and breaking for other types like integer when they attempted conversion.

  • Fix erroneous Metadata keywords passed down to owslib.wps.Metadata objects in case of more verbose detailed not allowed by this implementation.

  • Fix parsing of explicitly-typed optional array CWL I/O notation that was not considered (i.e.: using type as list with additional "null" instead of type: "<type>?" shorthand).

  • Fix parsing of MIME-type from format field to exclude additional parameters (e.g.: ; charset=UTF-8 for remote IANA validation.

1.5.1 (2020-03-26)


  • Add unittest of utility function fetch_file.

  • Split some unittest utility functions to allow more reuse.


  • Fix invalid retry parameter not handled automatically by request.

1.5.0 (2020-03-25)


  • Adjust incorrectly parsed href file reference as WPS complex input which resulted in failing location retrieval.

  • Partially address unnecessary fetch of file that has to be passed down to CWL, which will in turn request the file as required. Need update from PyWPS to resolve completely (#91, geopython/pywps#526).

  • Adjust WPS output results to use relative HTTP path in order to recompose the output URL if server settings change.

  • Support WPS output results as value (WPS literal data). Everything was considered an href file beforehand.

  • Add additional timeout and retry during fetching of remote file for process jsonarray2netcdf to avoid unnecessary failures during edge case connexion problems.

  • Add support of title and version field of builtin processes.


  • Patch builtin process execution failing since cwltool 2.x update.

  • Avoid long fetch operation using streamed request that defaulted to chuck size of 1. Now, we use an appropriate size according to available memory.

1.4.0 (2020-03-18)


  • Update owslib to 0.19.2

  • Drop support for python 3.5

1.3.0 (2020-03-10)


  • Provide a way to override the external URL reported by WPS-1/2 and WPS-REST via configuration settings allowing for more advanced server-side results in response bodies.

1.2.0 (2020-03-06)


  • Add WPS languages for other wps requests types: DescribeProcess and GetCapabilities.


  • Fix a bug where the validation of OneOf items was casting the value to the first valid possibility.

1.1.0 (2020-02-17)


  • Simplify docker image generation and make base/manager/worker variants all available under the same docker repo with different tags (#5).

  • Add planned future support of Accept-Language header for WPS-1/2 (geopython/OWSLib 0.20.0) (#74).

  • Improved job logs update with message and progress to allow better tracking of internal operations and/or problems.

  • Allow WPS builtin process jsonarray2netcdf to fetch a remote file.

  • Change doc to point to DockerHub pavics/weaver images.

  • Adjust CI rule long-lasting failures until it gets patched by original reference (gitleaks-actions#3).


  • Fix readthedocs documentation generation.

  • Fix .travis docker image build condition.

  • Fix geopython/OWSLib>=0.19.1 requirement for Python 3.8 support (#62).

  • Fix job update filling due to status location incorrectly resolved according to configured PyWPS output path.

1.0.0 (2020-01-28)

New Features:

  • Add notification_email field to Job datatype that stores an encrypted email (according to settings) when provided in the job submission body (#44).

  • Add ability to filter jobs with notification_email query parameter (#44).

  • Add jobs statistics grouping by specific fields using comma-separated list groups query parameter (#46).

  • Add some tests to evaluate new job search methods / grouping results and responses (#44, #46).

  • Add handling of multiple CWL field format for File type.

  • Add missing ontology reference support for CWL field format by defaulting to IANA namespace.

  • Add support for I/O array of enum (ie: multiple values of AllowedValues for a given input) (#30).

  • Add support of label synonym as title for inputs and process description (CWL specifying a label will set it in WPS process) (#31)

  • Add support of input minOccurs and maxOccurs as int while maintaining str support (#14).

  • Add conformance route with implementation links (#53).

  • Add additional landing page link details (#54).

  • Add weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.DropableNoneSchema to auto-handle some schema JSON deserialization.

  • Add weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.VariableMappingSchema to auto-handle some schema JSON deserialization.

  • Add more functional tests (#11, #17).


  • Use bump2version and move all config under setup.cfg.

  • Remove enforced text/plain for CWL File when missing format field.

  • Replace bubbling up of too verbose unhandled exceptions (500 Internal Server Error) by summary message and additional internal logging for debugging the cause using an utility exception log decorator.

  • Use the same exception log decorator to simplify function definitions when HTTP exceptions are already handled.

  • Make null reference a singleton so that multiple instantiation calls all refer to the same instance and produce the expected behaviour of <x> is null instead of hard-to-identify errors because of english syntax.

  • Remove unused function weaver.utils.replace_caps_url and corresponding tests.

  • Remove weaver.processes.utils.jsonify_value duplicated by weaver.processes.wps_package.complex2json.

  • Use more JSON body schema validation using API schema definitions deserialization defined by weaver.datatype.

  • Enforce builtin processes registration on startup to receive applicable updates.

  • Provide 2 separate docker images for Weaver manager and worker, corresponding to the EMS/ADES API and the celery job runner respectively.

  • Update Apache license.


  • Adjust some typing definitions incorrectly specified.

  • Fix some failing functionality tests (#11, #17).

  • Fix I/O field ordering preserved as specified in payload or loaded reference file.

  • Fix setting minOccurs=0 when a default is specified in the corresponding CWL I/O (#17, #25).

  • Fix incorrectly overridden maxOccurs="unbounded" by maxOccurs="1" when a partial array input definition is specified without explicit maxOccurs in WPS payload (#17, #25).

  • Fix case where omitted format[s] in both CWL and WPS deploy bodies generated a process description with complex I/O (file) without required formats field. Default text/plain format is now automatically added.

  • Fix case where format[s] lists between CWL and WPS where incorrectly merged.

  • Fix metadata field within a WPS I/O incorrectly parsed when provided by a WPS-1/2 XML process definition.

  • Fix invalid JSON response formatting on failing schema validation of process deployment body.

  • Fix docker images to support pserve when using gunicorn>=20.x dropping support of --paste config feature.

  • Fix multiple Python 2/3 compatibility issues.

0.2.2 (2019-05-31)

  • Support notification email subject template.

0.2.1 (2019-05-29)

  • Add per-process email notification template.

0.2.0 (2019-03-26)

  • Fixes to handle invalid key characters "$" and "." during CWL package read/write operations to database.

  • Fixes some invalid CWL package generation from WPS-1 references.

  • More cases handled for WPS-1 to CWL WPS1Requirement conversion (AllowedValues, Default, SupportedFormats, minOccurs, maxOccurs).

  • Add file format validation to generated CWL package from WPS-1 MIME-types.

  • Allow auto-deployment of WPS-REST processes from WPS-1 references specified by configuration.

  • Add many deployment and execution validation tests for WPS1Requirement.

  • Add builtin application packages support for common operations.

0.1.3 (2019-03-07)

  • Add useful Makefile targets for deployment.

  • Add badges indications in README.rst for tracking from repo landing page.

  • Fix security issue of PyYAML requirement.

  • Fix some execution issues for Wps1Process.

  • Fix some API schema erroneous definitions.

  • Additional logging of unhandled errors.

  • Improve some typing definitions.

0.1.2 (2019-03-05)

  • Introduce WPS1Requirement and corresponding Wps1Process to run a WPS-1 process under CWL.

  • Remove mongodb requirement, assume it is running on an external service or docker image.

  • Add some typing definitions.

  • Fix some problematic imports.

  • Fix some PEP8 issues and PyCharm warnings.

0.1.1 (2019-03-04)

  • Modify Dockerfile to use lighter debian:latest instead of birdhouse/bird-base:latest.

  • Modify Dockerfile to reduce build time by reusing built image layers (requirements installation mostly).

  • Make some buildout dependencies optional to also reduce build time and image size.

  • Some additional striping of deprecated or invalid items from Twitcher.

0.1.0 (2019-02-26)

  • Initial Release. Based off Twitcher tag ogc-0.4.7.