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class weaver.processes.wps3_process.Wps3RemoteJobProgress[source]

Progress of a remotely monitored job process execution.


Implementations can reuse same progress values or intermediate ones within the range of the relevant sections.

SETUP = 1[source]
PREPARE = 2[source]
DEPLOY = 3[source]
VISIBLE = 4[source]
READY = 5[source]
EXECUTION = 15[source]
MONITORING = 20[source]
STAGE_OUT = 90[source]
COMPLETED = 100[source]
class weaver.processes.wps3_process.Wps3Process(step_payload: weaver.typedefs.JSON, job_order: weaver.typedefs.CWL_RuntimeInputsMap, process: str, request: weaver.wps.service.WorkerRequest, update_status: weaver.typedefs.UpdateStatusPartialFunction)[source]

Remote or local Process with ADES capabilities, based on OGC API - Processes requests.

If a referenced remote service supports Process deployment using an Application Package, and that inputs point to a resolvable Data Source, the execution will be dispatched to that remote location. Otherwise, the Process is executed locally.

Most of the core operations are handled by OGCAPIRemoteProcessBase since request are sent to another ADES instance, or Weaver itself for Workflow steps, both of which are OGC API - Processes. Additional operations revolve around the resolution of which remote ADES to dispatch based on any detected Data Source location.

process_type = 'WPS-3'[source]
resolve_data_source(step_payload: weaver.typedefs.CWL, job_order: weaver.typedefs.CWL_RuntimeInputsMap) Tuple[str, str, weaver.typedefs.JSON][source]
get_user_auth_header() weaver.typedefs.HeadersType[source]
get_auth_headers() weaver.typedefs.AnyHeadersContainer[source]

Add specific user access headers for ADES if provided in Configuration Settings.

is_visible() bool | None[source]

Gets the process visibility.


True/False correspondingly for public/private if visibility is retrievable, False if authorized access but process cannot be found, None if forbidden access.

prepare() None[source]

Implementation dependent operations to prepare the Process for Job execution.

This is an optional step that can be omitted entirely if not needed.