Application Deployment and Execution Service
See Processes section for details. Alternative operation modes are described in Configuration Settings.
Area of Interest.
Corresponds to a region, often provided by OGC WKT definition, employed for OpenSearch queries in the context of EOImage inputs.
Application Programming Interface
Most typically, referring to the use of HTTP(S) requests following an OpenAPI specification.
Application Package

General term that refers to “what and how to execute” the Process. Application Packages provide the core details about the execution methodology of the underlying operation that defines the Process, and are therefore always contained within a Process Description. This is more specifically represented by a CWL specification in the case of Weaver implementation, but could technically be defined by another similar approach. See the Application Package section for all relevant details.

Amazon Web Services
In the context of Weaver, most often referring specifically to the use of S3 buckets.

Result from Billing following Quote Estimation when enabled on the Weaver instance.

Command Line Interface
Script that offers interactions through shell commands or Python scripts to execute any described operations. Details of the provided Weaver commands are described in Weaver CLI and Client chapter.
Representation of the internal Application Package of the Process to provide execution methodology of the referenced Docker image or other supported definitions. A Common Workflow Language file can be represented both in JSON or YAML format, but is often represented in JSON in the context of Weaver for its easier inclusion within HTTP request contents. See Application Package section for further details.
Data Source

Known locations of remote servers where an ADES or EMS (either Weaver or other implementation) can accept Process deployment, or any other server supporting OGC API - Processes with pre-deployed Process, where executions can be dispatched according to the source of the data.

See also

Refer to Configuration of Data Sources and ADES dispatching using Data Sources sections for more details.


Containerized and isolated environment platform that allows all required dependencies of an application or software to be packaged in a single image in order to correctly execute the virtualized application.


Ontology that regroups multiple definitions, amongst which Weaver looks up some of its known and supported MIME-types (EDAM media types) when resolving file formats. It is used as extension to IANA media types by providing additional formats that are more specifics to some data domains.

Execution Management Service
See Processes section for details. Alternative operation modes are described in Configuration Settings.
Earth Observation Image
Input that interprets additional parameters in order to infer specific images applicable with filters following search results within a remote catalog.

See also

OpenSearch Data Source section.


Earth System Grid Federation


ESGF Compute API

Hyperlink Reference
Often shortened to simply reference. Represents either a locally or remotely accessible item, such as a file or a Process depending on context, that uses explicit <protocol>://<host/path> representation to define its location. See also File Reference Types for typical examples.
Combination of ADES and EMS operation modes.
See Processes section for details. Alternative operation modes are described in Configuration Settings.

Inputs and/or Outputs of CWL, OAP, WPS or OAS representation depending on context.


Ontology that regroups multiple definitions, amongst which Weaver looks up most of its known and supported MIME-types (IANA media types) when resolving file formats.


Definition of a Process execution state with applicable operation metadata.

JavaScript Object Notation
Default data representation of all objects contained in the application or for their creation.
Key-Value Pairs
String representation of a set of key-value pairs, usually but not limited to, = character separating keys from their values, , for multi-value (array) definitions, and another separator such as & or ; to distinguish between distinct pairs. Specific separators, and any applicable escaping methods, depend on context, such as in URL query, HTTP header, CLI parameter, etc.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
Format representation of the referenced element, often represented by IANA or EDAM ontologies. More recent Media-Type naming is employed for the general use of Content-Type data representation in multiple situations and contexts.
OGC API - Processes

The new API that defines JSON REST-binding representation of WPS Process collection.


OpenAPI Specification (OAS) defines a standard, programming language-agnostic interface description for HTTP APIs. It is used in Weaver and OGC API - Processes to represent API definitions for requests and responses, as well as I/O definitions for Process description.


Open Geospatial Consortium


The Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) standard is an open format employed for sharing machine learning model representations with an agnostic approach across frameworks, tools, runtimes, and compilers.


Protocol of lookup and retrieval of remotely stored files. Please refer to OpenSearch Data Source for details.

OGC Web Services
Family of services including WPS, defined prior to the family of OGC API standards.

Entity that describes the required inputs, produced outputs, and any applicable metadata for the execution of the defined script, calculation, or operation.


Entity that offers an ensemble of Process under it. It is typically a reference to a remote service, where any Process it provides is fetched dynamically on demand.


Result from Quote Estimation when enabled on the Weaver instance.

Quote Estimator
Quotation Estimator

A model that can provide cost estimations regarding the execution of a Process to form a term:Quote.

Request Options

Configuration settings that can be defined for Weaver in order to automatically insert additional HTTP request parameters, authentication or other any relevant rules when target URLs are matched. See also Configuration of Request Options.


Simple Storage Service (AWS S3), bucket file storage.

Time of Interest
Corresponds to a date/time interval employed for OpenSearch queries in the context of EOImage inputs.
Unit of Measure
Represents a measurement defined as literal value associated with a specific unit that could take advantage of known conversion methods with other compatible units to obtain the equivalent value. These values are transferred to the Process as specified, and it is up to the underlying Application Package definition to interpret it as deemed fit.
Uniform Resource Identifier
Superset of URL and URN that uses a specific string format to identify a resource.
Uniform Resource Locator
Subset of URI that follows the <scheme>://<scheme-specific-part> format, as per RFC 1738. Specifies where an identified resource is available and the protocol mechanism employed for retrieving it. This is employed in Weaver for http(s)://, s3:// and file:// locations by I/O, or in general to refer to API locations.
Uniform Resource Name
Subset of URI that follows the urn:<namespace>:<specific-part> format, as per RFC 8141. It is used to register a unique reference to a named entity such as a UoM or other common definitions.

Secured storage employed to upload files that should be temporarily stored on the Weaver server for later retrieval using an access token.


Well-Known Text geometry representation.


A specific variant of Process where the execution consists of nested Process executions with input/output chaining between operations.

See also

Refer to Workflow, Workflow Step Operations and CWL Workflow sections for more details.

Web Processing Service.
From a formal standpoint, this is the previous OGC standard iteration that was employed prior to OGC API - Processes to represent a server that host one or more Process for execution. When compared against CWL context or generally across Weaver documentation and code, this term refers to attributes that are specific to typical Process description, in contrast to specialized attributes introduced by other concepts, such as for example CWL-specific implementation details.

Alias employed to refer to OGC API - Processes endpoints for corresponding WPS definitions.


Alias employed to refer to older revisions of OGC API - Processes standard. The name referred to WPS Transactional operations introduced by the RESTful API.

Extensible Markup Language
Alternative representation of some data object provided by the application. Requires appropriate Accept header to return this format. See OpenAPI Specification for details.
YAML Ain’t Markup Language
YAML is a human-friendly data serialization language for all programming languages. It is employed in Weaver as an alternative and equivalent representation of JSON format, mostly in cases where configuration files are defined to allow the insertion of additional documentation details.