Module Contents

class weaver.processes.wps_default.HelloWPS(*_, **__)[source]
  • handler -- A callable that gets invoked for each incoming request. It should accept a single pywps.app.WPSRequest argument and return a pywps.app.WPSResponse object.

  • identifier (string) -- Name of this process.

  • title (string) -- Human readable title of process.

  • abstract (string) -- Brief narrative description of the process.

  • keywords (list) -- Keywords that characterize a process.

  • inputs -- List of inputs accepted by this process. They should be LiteralInput and ComplexInput and BoundingBoxInput objects.

  • outputs -- List of outputs returned by this process. They should be LiteralOutput and ComplexOutput and BoundingBoxOutput objects.

  • metadata -- List of metadata advertised by this process. They should be pywps.app.Common.Metadata objects.

  • translations (dict[str,dict[str,str]]) -- The first key is the RFC 4646 language code, and the nested mapping contains translated strings accessible by a string property. e.g. {"fr-CA": {"title": "Mon titre", "abstract": "Une description"}}

identifier = hello[source]
title = Say Hello[source]
_handler(self, request, response)[source]