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weaver.processes.wps1_process.REMOTE_JOB_PROGRESS_REQ_PREP = 2[source]
weaver.processes.wps1_process.REMOTE_JOB_PROGRESS_EXECUTION = 5[source]
weaver.processes.wps1_process.REMOTE_JOB_PROGRESS_MONITORING = 10[source]
weaver.processes.wps1_process.REMOTE_JOB_PROGRESS_FETCH_OUT = 90[source]
weaver.processes.wps1_process.REMOTE_JOB_PROGRESS_COMPLETED = 100[source]
class weaver.processes.wps1_process.Wps1Process(provider: str, process: str, request: pywps.app.WPSRequest, update_status: weaver.typedefs.UpdateStatusPartialFunction)[source]

Common interface for WpsProcess to be used in CWL jobs.

get_input_values(self: weaver.typedefs.ProcessOWS, process: weaver.typedefs.CWL_RuntimeInputsMap, workflow_inputs)weaver.typedefs.OWS_InputDataValues[source]

Convert submitted CWL workflow inputs into corresponding OWSLib.wps representation for execution.

  • process – original OWS process definition to retrieve expected inputs’ formats, values and types.

  • workflow_inputs – mapping of input IDs and values submitted to the workflow.


converted OWS inputs ready for submission to remote WPS process.

execute(self, workflow_inputs, out_dir, expected_outputs)[source]

Execute a remote process using the given inputs.

The function is expected to monitor the process and update the status. Retrieve the expected outputs and store them in the out_dir.

  • workflow_inputsCWL job dict

  • out_dir – directory where the outputs must be written

  • expected_outputs – expected value outputs as {‘id’: ‘value’}