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weaver.wps_restapi.utils.wps_restapi_base_path(container: weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer)str[source]
weaver.wps_restapi.utils.get_wps_restapi_base_url(container: weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer)str[source]
weaver.wps_restapi.utils.get_schema_ref(schema: colander.SchemaNode, container: weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer, ref_type: str = '$schema', ref_name: True = True)Dict[str, str][source]

Generates the JSON OpenAPI schema reference relative to the current Weaver instance.

The provided schema should be one of the items listed in #/definitions of the /json endpoint. No validation is accomplished to avoid long processing of all references.

If setting weaver.schema_url is set, this value will be used direct as fully-defined base URL. This could be used to refer to a static endpoint where schemas are hosted. Otherwise, the current Web Application resolved location is employed with JSON OpenAPI path.

  • schema – schema-node instance or type for which to generate the OpenAPI reference.

  • container – application settings to retrieve the base URL of the schema location.

  • ref_type – key employed to form the reference (e.g.: “$schema”, “$ref”, “@schema”, etc.)

  • ref_name – indicate if the plain name should also be included under field "schema".


OpenAPI schema reference