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weaver.wps_restapi.providers.utils.get_provider_services(container: weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer, check: bool = True, ignore: bool = True) List[weaver.datatype.Service][source]

Obtain the list of remote provider services.

  • container – definition to retrieve settings and database connection.

  • check – request that all provider services are remotely accessible to fetch metadata from them.

  • ignore – given that any provider service is not accessible, ignore it or raise the error.

weaver.wps_restapi.providers.utils.forbid_local_only(container: weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer) Any[source]

Raises an HTTP exception forbidding to resume the operation if invalid configuration is detected.

weaver.wps_restapi.providers.utils.check_provider_requirements(func: Callable[[weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer], Any]) Callable[[weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer], Any][source]

Decorator to validate if Provider operations are applicable for the current Weaver instance.


Get the request service using provider_id from the service store.