Module Contents

weaver.wps_restapi.jobs.jobs.get_job(request: pyramid.request.Request)weaver.datatype.Job[source]

Obtain a job from request parameters.


Job information if found.


HTTPNotFound – with JSON body details on missing/non-matching job, process, provider IDs.

weaver.wps_restapi.jobs.jobs.get_results(job: weaver.datatype.Job, container: weaver.typedefs.AnySettingsContainer, value_key: Optional[str] = None, ogc_api: bool = False)Union[List[weaver.typedefs.JSON], weaver.typedefs.JSON][source]

Obtains the job results with extended full WPS output URL as applicable and according to configuration settings.

  • job – job from which to retrieve results.

  • container – any container giving access to instance settings (to resolve reference output location).

  • value_key – If not specified, the returned values will have the appropriate data/href key according to the content. Otherwise, all values will have the specified key.

  • ogc_api – If True, formats the results using the OGC-API - Processes format.


list of all outputs each with minimally an ID and value under the requested key.

weaver.wps_restapi.jobs.jobs.validate_service_process(request: pyramid.request.Request)Tuple[Optional[str], Optional[str]][source]

Verifies that service or process specified by path or query will raise the appropriate error if applicable.


Retrieve the list of jobs which can be filtered, sorted, paged and categorized using query parameters.


Retrieve the status of a job.


Dismiss a job.

Note: Will only stop tracking this particular process (WPS 1.0 doesn’t allow to stop a process)

weaver.wps_restapi.jobs.jobs.get_job_inputs(request: pyramid.request.Request)pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPException[source]

Retrieve the inputs of a job.

weaver.wps_restapi.jobs.jobs.get_job_outputs(request: pyramid.request.Request)pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPException[source]

Retrieve the outputs of a job.

weaver.wps_restapi.jobs.jobs.get_job_results(request: pyramid.request.Request)pyramid.httpexceptions.HTTPException[source]

Retrieve the results of a job.


Retrieve the exceptions of a job.


Retrieve the logs of a job.


Deprecated job result endpoint that is now returned by corresponding outputs path with added links.