Application Deployment and Execution Service
See Processes section for details, as well as EMS for alternative operation mode.
Application Package

General term that refers to “what and how the :term:`Process` will execute”. Application Packages provide the core details about the execution methodology of the underlying operation the Process provides, and are therefore always contained within a Process definition. This is more specifically represented by a CWL specification in the case of Weaver implementation, but could technically be defined by another similar approach. See Application Package section for all relevant details.


Amazon Web Services

Representation of the internal Application Package of the Process to provide execution methodology of the referenced Docker image or other supported definitions. See application-package section for further details.

Containerized and isolated environment platform that allows all required dependencies of an application or software to be packaged in a single image in order to correctly execute the virtualized application.


Ontology that regroups multiple definitions, amongst which Weaver looks up some of its known and supported MIME-types (EDAM media types) when resolving file formats. It is used as extension to IANA media types by providing additional formats that are more specifics to some data domains.

Execution Management Service
See Processes section for details. Alternative mode is ADES, which can be selected as defined by the appropriate Configuration parameter.

Earth System Grid Federation


ESGF Compute API

Hyperlink Reference
Often shortened to simply reference. Represents either a locally or remotely accessible item, such as a file or a Process depending on context, that uses explicit <protocol>://<host/path> representation to define its location. See also File Reference Types for typical examples.

Inputs and/or Outputs of CWL and/or WPS depending on context.


Ontology that regroups multiple definitions, amongst which Weaver looks up most of its known and supported MIME-types (IANA media types) when resolving file formats.


Definition of a Process execution state with applicable operation metadata.

JavaScript Object Notation
Default data representation of all objects contained in the application or for their creation.
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
Format representation of the referenced element, often represented by IANA or EDAM ontologies.

Open Geospatial Consortium

OGC API - Processes

The new API that defines JSON REST-binding representation of WPS Process collection.


Protocol of lookup and retrieval of remotely stored files. Please refer to OpenSearch Data Source for details.


Entity that describes the required inputs, produced outputs, and any applicable metadata for the execution of the defined script, calculation, or operation.


Simple Storage Service (AWS S3), bucket file storage.


Well-Known Text geometry representation.

Web Processing Service.
From a formal standpoint, this is the previous OGC standard iteration that was employed prior to OGC API - Processes to represent a server that host one or more Process for execution. When compared against CWL context or generally across Weaver documentation and code, this term refers to attributes that are specific to typical Process description, in contrast to specialized attributes introduced by other concepts, such as for example CWL-specific implementation details.
Extensible Markup Language
Alternative representation of some data object provided by the application. Requires appropriate Accept header to return this format. See OpenAPI Specification for details.