Unreleased (latest)


  • No change.


  • No change.

2.0.0 (2021-02-22)


  • Add support of YAML format for loading weaver.data_sources definition.

  • Pre-install Docker CLI in worker image to avoid bad practice of mounting it from the host.

  • Adjust WPS request dispatching such that process jobs get executed by Celery worker as intended (see #21 and #126).

  • Move WPS XML endpoint functions under separate weaver.wps.utils and weaver.wps.views to remove the need to constantly handle circular imports issues due to processing related operations that share some code.

  • Move core processing of job operation by Celery worker under weaver.processes.execution in order to separate those components from functions specific for producing WPS-REST API responses.

  • Handle WPS-1/2 requests submitted by GET KVP or POST XML request with application/json in Accept header to return the same body content as if directly calling their corresponding WPS-REST endpoints.

  • Remove request parameter of every database store methods since they were not used nor provided most of the time.

  • Changed all forbidden access responses related to visibility status to return 403 instead of 401.

  • Add more tests for Docker applications and test suite execution with Github Actions.

  • Add more details in sample configurations and provide an example docker-compose.yml configuration that defines a typical Weaver API / Worker combination with docker-proxy for sibling container execution.

  • Add captured stdout and stderr details in job log following CWL execution error when retrievable.

  • Document the WPS KVP/XML endpoint within the generated OpenAPI specification.

  • Disable auto-generation of request_options.yml file from corresponding empty example file and allow application to start if no such configuration was provided.

  • Remove every Python 2 backward compatibility references and operations.

  • Drop Python 2 and Python 3.5 support.


  • Target PyWPS-4.4 to resolve multiple invalid dependency requirements breaking installed packages over builtin Python packages and other compatibility fixes (see geopython/pywps #568).

  • Fix retrieval of database connexion to avoid warning of MongoClient opened before fork of processes.

  • Fix indirect dependency oauthlib missing from esgf-compute-api (cwt) package.

  • Fix inconsistent python reference resolution of builtin applications when executed locally and in tests (using virtual/conda environment) compared to within Weaver Docker image (using OS python).

  • Fix many typing definitions.

1.14.0 (2021-01-11)


  • Add data input support for CWL Workflow step referring to WPS-3 Process.

  • Add documentation example references to Application Package and Process Deploy/Execute repositories.

  • Add parsing of providers in wps_processes.yml to directly register remote WPS providers that will dynamically fetch underlying WPS processes, instead of static per-service processes stored locally.

  • Add field visible to wps_processes.yml entries to allow directly defining the registered processes visibility.

  • Adjust response of remote provider processes to return the same format as local processes.


  • Fix stdout/stderr log file not permitted directly within CWL Workflow (must be inside intermediate steps).

  • Fix missing S3 bucket location constraint within unittests.

1.13.1 (2020-07-17)


  • No change.


  • Create an stdout.log or stderr.log file in case cwltool hasn’t created it.

1.13.0 (2020-07-15)


  • Add AWS S3 bucket support for process input reference files.

  • Add weaver.wps_output_s3_bucket setting to upload results to AWS S3 bucket instead of local directory.

  • Add weaver.wps_output_s3_region setting to allow override parameter extracted from AWS profile otherwise.

  • Add more documentation about supported file reference schemes.

  • Add documentation references to ESGF-CWT Compute API.

  • Add conditional input file reference fetching (depending on ADES/EMS, process type from CWL hints) to take advantage of request-options and all supported scheme formats by Weaver, instead of relying on PyWPS and/or CWL wherever how far downstream the URL reference was reaching.


  • Adjust some docstrings to better indicate raised errors.

  • Adjust weaver.processes.wps_package.WpsPackage to use its internal logger when running the process in order to preserve log entries under its job execution. They were otherwise lost over time across all process executions.

1.12.0 (2020-07-03)


  • Add multiple CWL ESGF processes and workflows, namely SubsetNASAESGF, SubsetNASAESGF and many more.

  • Add tests for ESGF processes and workflows.

  • Add documentation for ESGF-CWTRequirement processes.

  • Add file2string_array and metalink2netcdf builtins.

  • Add esgf_process Wps1Process extension, to handle ESGF-CWTRequirement processes and workflows.


  • Reset MongoDatabase connection when we are in a forked process.

1.11.0 (2020-07-02)


  • Generate Weaver OpenAPI specification for readthedocs publication.

  • Add some sections for documentation (#61).

  • Add support of documentation RST file redirection to generated HTML for reference resolution in both Github source and Readthedocs served pages.

  • Improve documentation links, ReadTheDocs format and TOC references.

  • Avoid logging stdout/stderr in workflows.

  • Add tests to make sure processes stdout/stderr are logged.

  • Remove Python 2.7 version as not officially supported.

  • Move and update WPS status location and status check functions into weaver.wps module.


  • Fix reported WPS status location to handle when starting with / although not representing an absolute path.

1.10.1 (2020-06-03)


  • No change.


  • Pin celery==4.4.2 to avoid import error on missing futures.utils called internally in following versions.

1.10.0 (2020-06-03)


  • Add support of value-typed metadata fields for process description.

  • Enforce rel field when specifying an href JSON link to match corresponding XML requirement.


  • Add more examples of supported WPS endpoint metadata (fixes #84).

1.9.0 (2020-06-01)


  • Add weaver.wps_workdir configuration setting to define the location where the underlying cwltool application should be executed under. This can allow more control over the scope of the mounted volumes for Application Package running a docker image.

  • Add mapping of WPS results from the Job’s UUID to generated PyWPS UUID for outputs, status and log locations.

  • Add experimental configuration settings weaver.cwl_euid and weaver.cwl_egid to provide effective user/group identifiers to employ when running the CWL Application Package. Using these require good control of the directory and process I/O locations as invalid permissions could break a previously working job execution.

  • Add more logging configuration and apply them to cwltool before execution of Application Package.

  • Enforce no_match_user=False and no_read_only=False of cwltool’s RuntimeContext to ensure that docker application is executed with same user as weaver and that process input files are not modified inplace (readonly) where potentially inaccessible (according to settings). Definition of CWL package will need to add InitialWorkDirRequirement as per defined by reference specification to stage those files if they need to be accessed with write permissions (see: example). Addresses some issues listed in #155.

  • Enforce removal of some invalid CWL hints/requirements that would break the behaviour offered by Weaver.

  • Use weaver.request_options for WPS GetCapabilities and WPS Check Status requests under the running job.

  • Change default DOCKER_REPO value defined in Makefile to point to reference mentioned in and considered as official deployment location.

  • Add application/x-cwl MIME-type supported with updated EDAM 1.24 ontology.

  • Add application/x-yaml MIME-type to known formats.

  • Add application/x-tar and application/tar+gzip MIME-type (not official) but resolved as synonym application/gzip (official) to preserve compressed file support during CWL format validation.


  • Set get_cwl_file_format default argument must_exist=True instead of False to retrieve original default behaviour of the function. Since CWL usually doesn’t need to add File.format field when no corresponding reference actually exists, this default also makes more sense.

1.8.1 (2020-05-22)


  • Add Travis-CI smoke test of built docker images for early detection of invalid setup or breaking code to boot them.

  • Add Travis-CI checks for imports. This check was not validated previously although available.

  • Adjust weaver.ini.example to reflect working demo server configuration (employed by smoke test).

  • Move weaver web application to to reduce chances of breaking installation from import errors due to weaver dependencies not yet installed. Redirect to new location makes this change transparent when loaded with the usual weaver.ini configuration.


  • Fix base docker image to install Python 3 development dependencies in order to compile requirements with expected environment Python version. Package python-dev for Python 2 was being installed instead.

  • Fix failing docker image boot due to incorrectly placed yaml import during setup installation.

  • Fix imports according to Makefile targets check-imports and fix-imports.

  • Fix parsing of PyWPS metadata to correctly employ values provided by weaver.ini.

1.8.0 (2020-05-21)


  • Modify weaver.utils.request_retry to weaver.utils.request_extra to include more requests functionality and reuse it across the whole code base.

  • Add requests_extra SSL verification option using specific URL regex(es) matches from configuration settings.

  • Add file:// transport scheme support directly to utility requests_extra to handle local file paths.

  • Add file weaver.request_options INI configuration setting to specify per-request method/URL options.

  • Add requests_extra support of Retry-After response header (if any available on 429 status) which indicates how long to wait until next request to avoid automatically defined response right after.

  • Add weaver.wps_workdir configuration setting with allow setting corresponding pywps.workdir directory.


  • Modify Dockerfile-manager to run web application using pserve as gunicorn doesn’t correctly handles worker options anymore when loaded form weaver.ini with --paste argument. Also simplifies the command which already required multiple patches such as reapplying the host/port binding from INI file.

  • Fix handling of Literal Data I/O type when retrieved from OWSLib.wps object with remote WPS XML body.

  • Adjust make start target to use new make install-run target which installs the dependencies and package in edition mode so that configuration files present locally can be employed for running the application. Previously, one would have to move their configurations to the site-package install location of the active Python.

  • Fix celery>4.2 not found because of application path modification.

  • Fix invalid handling of wps_processes.yml reference in weaver.ini when specified as relative path to configuration directory.

  • Fix handling of WPS<->CWL I/O merge of data_format field against supported_formats with pywps>=4.2.4.

  • Fix installation of yaml-related packages for Python 2 backward compatibility.

1.7.0 (2020-05-15)


  • Add additional status log for EOImage input modification with OpenSearch during process execution.

  • Add captured stderr/stdout logging of underlying CWL application being executed to resulting Job logs (addresses first step of #131).

  • Use weaver.utils.request_retry in even more places and extend convenience arguments offered by it to adapt it to specific use cases.


  • Fix handling of WPS-REST output matching a JSON file for multiple-output format specified with a relative local path as specified by job output location. Only remote HTTP references where correctly parsed. Also avoid failing the job if the reference JSON parsing fails. It will simply return the original reference URL in this case without expanded data (relates to #25).

  • Fix CWL job logs to be timezone aware, just like most other logs that will report UTC time.

  • Fix JSON response parsing of remote provider processes.

  • Fix parsing of CWL ordered parsing when I/O is specified as shorthand "<id>":"<type>" directly under the ``inputs or outputs dictionary instead of extended sub-dictionary variant (fixes #137).

1.6.0 (2020-05-07)


  • Reuse weaver.utils.request_retry function across a few locations that where essentially reimplementing the core functionality.

  • Add even more failure-permissive request attempts when validating a MIME-type against IANA website.

  • Add auto-resolution of common extensions known under PyWPS as well as employing their specific encoding.

  • Add geotiff format type support via PyWPS (#100).

  • Make WPS status check more resilient to failing WPS outputs location not found in case the directory path can be resolved to a valid local file representing the XML status (i.e.: don’t depend as much on the HTTP WPS output route).

  • Ensure backward support of generic/default text/plain I/O when extracted from a referenced WPS-1/2 XML remote process which provides insufficient format details. For CWL output generated from it, replace the glob pattern to match anything (<id>.*) instead of <id>.txt extracted from text/plain to simulate MIME-type as */*. Issue log warning message for future use cases.


  • Fix invalid AllowedValue parsing when using LiteralData inputs that resulted in AnyValue being parsed as a "None" string. This was transparent in case of string inputs and breaking for other types like integer when they attempted conversion.

  • Fix erroneous Metadata keywords passed down to owslib.wps.Metadata objects in case of more verbose detailed not allowed by this implementation.

  • Fix parsing of explicitly-typed optional array CWL I/O notation that was not considered (i.e.: using type as list with additional "null" instead of type: "<type>?" shorthand).

  • Fix parsing of MIME-type from format field to exclude additional parameters (e.g.: ; charset=UTF-8 for remote IANA validation.

1.5.1 (2020-03-26)


  • Add unittest of utility function fetch_file.

  • Split some unittest utility functions to allow more reuse.


  • Fix invalid retry parameter not handled automatically by request.

1.5.0 (2020-03-25)


  • Adjust incorrectly parsed href file reference as WPS complex input which resulted in failing location retrieval.

  • Partially address unnecessary fetch of file that has to be passed down to CWL, which will in turn request the file as required. Need update from PyWPS to resolve completely (#91, geopython/pywps#526).

  • Adjust WPS output results to use relative HTTP path in order to recompose the output URL if server settings change.

  • Support WPS output results as value (WPS literal data). Everything was considered an href file beforehand.

  • Add additional timeout and retry during fetching of remote file for process jsonarray2netcdf to avoid unnecessary failures during edge case connexion problems.

  • Add support of title and version field of builtin processes.


  • Patch builtin process execution failing since cwltool 2.x update.

  • Avoid long fetch operation using streamed request that defaulted to chuck size of 1. Now, we use an appropriate size according to available memory.

1.4.0 (2020-03-18)


  • Update owslib to 0.19.2

  • Drop support for python 3.5

1.3.0 (2020-03-10)


  • Provide a way to override the external URL reported by WPS-1/2 and WPS-REST via configuration settings allowing for more advanced server-side results in response bodies.

1.2.0 (2020-03-06)


  • Add wps languages for other wps requests types: DescribeProcess and GetCapabilities.


  • Fix a bug where the validation of OneOf items was casting the value to the first valid possibility. Now, it doesn’t change the value if it’s valid without casting it (and still casts it if it’s necessary to make it valid).

1.1.0 (2020-02-17)


  • Simplify docker image generation and make base/manager/worker variants all available under the same docker repo with different tags (#5).

  • Add planned future support of Accept-Language header for WPS-1/2 (geopython/OWSLib 0.20.0) (#74).

  • Improved job logs update with message and progress to allow better tracking of internal operations and/or problems.

  • Allow WPS builtin process jsonarray2netcdf to fetch a remote file.

  • Change doc to point to DockerHub pavics/weaver images.

  • Adjust CI rule long-lasting failures until it gets patched by original reference (gitleaks-actions#3).


  • Fix readthedocs documentation generation.

  • Fix .travis docker image build condition.

  • Fix geopython/OWSLib>=0.19.1 requirement for Python 3.8 support (#62).

  • Fix job update filling due to status location incorrectly resolved according to configured PyWPS output path.

1.0.0 (2020-01-28)

New Features:

  • Add notification_email field to Job datatype that stores an encrypted email (according to settings) when provided in the job submission body (#44).

  • Add ability to filter jobs with notification_email query parameter (#44).

  • Add jobs statistics grouping by specific fields using comma-separated list groups query parameter (#46).

  • Add some tests to evaluate new job search methods / grouping results and responses (#44, #46).

  • Add handling of multiple CWL field format for File type.

  • Add missing ontology reference support for CWL field format by defaulting to IANA namespace.

  • Add support for I/O array of enum (ie: multiple values of AllowedValues for a given input) (#30).

  • Add support of label synonym as title for inputs and process description (CWL specifying a label will set it in WPS process) (#31)

  • Add support of input minOccurs and maxOccurs as int while maintaining str support (#14).

  • Add conformance route with implementation links (#53).

  • Add additional landing page link details (#54).

  • Add weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.DropableNoneSchema to auto-handle some schema JSON deserialization.

  • Add weaver.wps_restapi.colander_extras.VariableMappingSchema to auto-handle some schema JSON deserialization.

  • Add more functional tests (#11, #17).


  • Use bump2version and move all config under setup.cfg.

  • Remove enforced text/plain for CWL File when missing format field.

  • Replace bubbling up of too verbose unhandled exceptions (500 Internal Server Error) by summary message and additional internal logging for debugging the cause using an utility exception log decorator.

  • Use the same exception log decorator to simplify function definitions when HTTP exceptions are already handled.

  • Make null reference a singleton so that multiple instantiation calls all refer to the same instance and produce the expected behaviour of <x> is null instead of hard-to-identify errors because of english syntax.

  • Remove unused function weaver.utils.replace_caps_url and corresponding tests.

  • Remove weaver.processes.utils.jsonify_value duplicated by weaver.processes.wps_package.complex2json.

  • Use more JSON body schema validation using API schema definitions deserialization defined by weaver.datatype.

  • Enforce builtin processes registration on startup to receive applicable updates.

  • Provide 2 separate docker images for Weaver manager and worker, corresponding to the EMS/ADES API and the celery job runner respectively.

  • Update Apache license.


  • Adjust some typing definitions incorrectly specified.

  • Fix some failing functionality tests (#11, #17).

  • Fix I/O field ordering preserved as specified in payload or loaded reference file.

  • Fix setting minOccurs=0 when a default is specified in the corresponding CWL I/O (#17, #25).

  • Fix incorrectly overridden maxOccurs="unbounded" by maxOccurs="1" when a partial array input definition is specified without explicit maxOccurs in WPS payload (#17, #25).

  • Fix case where omitted format[s] in both CWL and WPS deploy bodies generated a process description with complex I/O (file) without required formats field. Default text/plain format is now automatically added.

  • Fix case where format[s] lists between CWL and WPS where incorrectly merged.

  • Fix metadata field within a WPS I/O incorrectly parsed when provided by a WPS-1/2 XML process definition.

  • Fix invalid JSON response formatting on failing schema validation of process deployment body.

  • Fix docker images to support pserve when using gunicorn>=20.x dropping support of --paste config feature.

  • Fix multiple Python 2/3 compatibility issues.

0.2.2 (2019-05-31)

  • Support notification email subject template.

0.2.1 (2019-05-29)

  • Add per-process email notification template.

0.2.0 (2019-03-26)

  • Fixes to handle invalid key characters "$" and "." during CWL package read/write operations to database.

  • Fixes some invalid CWL package generation from WPS-1 references.

  • More cases handled for WPS-1 to CWL WPS1Requirement conversion (AllowedValues, Default, SupportedFormats, minOccurs, maxOccurs).

  • Add file format validation to generated CWL package from WPS-1 MIME-types.

  • Allow auto-deployment of WPS-REST processes from WPS-1 references specified by configuration.

  • Add many deployment and execution validation tests for WPS1Requirement.

  • Add builtin application packages support for common operations.

0.1.3 (2019-03-07)

  • Add useful Makefile targets for deployment.

  • Add badges indications in README.rst for tracking from repo landing page.

  • Fix security issue of PyYAML requirement.

  • Fix some execution issues for Wps1Process.

  • Fix some API schema erroneous definitions.

  • Additional logging of unhandled errors.

  • Improve some typing definitions.

0.1.2 (2019-03-05)

  • Introduce WPS1Requirement and corresponding Wps1Process to run a WPS-1 process under CWL.

  • Remove mongodb requirement, assume it is running on an external service or docker image.

  • Add some typing definitions.

  • Fix some problematic imports.

  • Fix some PEP8 issues and PyCharm warnings.

0.1.1 (2019-03-04)

  • Modify Dockerfile to use lighter debian:latest instead of birdhouse/bird-base:latest.

  • Modify Dockerfile to reduce build time by reusing built image layers (requirements installation mostly).

  • Make some buildout dependencies optional to also reduce build time and image size.

  • Some additional striping of deprecated or invalid items from Twitcher.

0.1.0 (2019-02-26)

  • Initial Release. Based off Twitcher tag ogc-0.4.7.