Source code for weaver.tweens

import logging
import sys

from pyramid.httpexceptions import HTTPException, HTTPInternalServerError, HTTPRedirection, HTTPSuccessful
from pyramid.tweens import EXCVIEW, INGRESS

from weaver.owsexceptions import OWSException, OWSNotImplemented
from weaver.utils import fully_qualified_name

[docs]LOGGER = logging.getLogger(__name__)
[docs]def ows_response_tween(request, handler): try: result = handler(request) if hasattr(handler, OWS_TWEEN_HANDLED): if isinstance(result, Exception) and not isinstance(result, (HTTPSuccessful, HTTPRedirection)): raise result # let the previous tween handler handle this case return result except HTTPException as err: LOGGER.debug("http exception -> ows exception response.") # Use the same json formatter than OWSException raised_error = err raised_error._json_formatter = OWSException.json_formatter return_error = raised_error exc_info_err = sys.exc_info() except OWSException as err: LOGGER.debug("direct ows exception response") LOGGER.exception("Raised exception: [%r]\nReturned exception: [%r]", err, err) raised_error = err return_error = err exc_info_err = sys.exc_info() except NotImplementedError as err: LOGGER.debug("not implemented error -> ows exception response") raised_error = err return_error = OWSNotImplemented(str(err)) exc_info_err = sys.exc_info() except Exception as err: LOGGER.debug("unhandled %s exception -> ows exception response", type(err).__name__) raised_error = err return_error = OWSException(detail=str(err), status=HTTPInternalServerError) exc_info_err = sys.exc_info() LOGGER.error("Raised exception: [%r]\nReturned exception: [%r]", raised_error, return_error, exc_info=exc_info_err) return return_error
[docs]def ows_response_tween_factory_excview(handler, registry): # noqa: F811 """A tween factory which produces a tween which transforms common exceptions into OWS specific exceptions.""" return lambda request: ows_response_tween(request, handler)
[docs]def ows_response_tween_factory_ingress(handler, registry): # noqa: F811 """A tween factory which produces a tween which transforms common exceptions into OWS specific exceptions.""" def handle_ows_tween(request): # because the EXCVIEW will also wrap any exception raised that should before be handled by OWS response # to allow conversions to occur, use a flag that will re-raise the result setattr(handler, OWS_TWEEN_HANDLED, True) return ows_response_tween(request, handler) return handle_ows_tween
# names must differ to avoid conflicting configuration error
[docs]OWS_RESPONSE_EXCVIEW = fully_qualified_name(ows_response_tween_factory_excview)
[docs]OWS_RESPONSE_INGRESS = fully_qualified_name(ows_response_tween_factory_ingress)
[docs]def includeme(config): # using 'INGRESS' to run `weaver.wps_restapi.api` views that fix HTTP code before OWS response config.add_tween(OWS_RESPONSE_INGRESS, under=INGRESS) # using 'EXCVIEW' to run over any other 'valid' exception raised to adjust formatting and log config.add_tween(OWS_RESPONSE_EXCVIEW, over=EXCVIEW)