The installation is using the Python distribution system Miniconda (default installation of no conda found) to maintain software dependencies. Any conda installation should work the same. To use a pre-installed conda distribution, simply make sure that it can be found on the shell path.


The installation works on Linux 64 bit distributions (tested on Ubuntu 16.04).


Windows is not officially supported, but some patches have been applied to help using it. If you find some problems, please submit a new issue or open a pull request with fixes.

From GitHub Sources

Install weaver as normal user from GitHub sources:

git clone
cd weaver
make install

If no conda environment is activated, the install process will setup a new or reuse the conda environment named weaver and install all dependency packages. If an environment is activated, Weaver will be installed in that environment. You can also enforce a specific environment using:

make CONDA_ENV=<my-env> install

Please refer to Configuration and Running sections for following steps.